Safe Schools Director Resigns after Calling Australian Flag “Racist”

2016-06-02_Roz_Ward_Australian_Flag_copy.jpgRoz Ward, Safe Schools Victorian manager and avowed Marxist, has resigned from her advisory position with the government’s LGBTI taskforce after receiving widespread criticism for a Facebook post that branded the Australian flag as racist.

After Premier Daniel Andrews apologised in Parliament for historical gay discrimination, Ward posted a picture of the rainbow flag hoisted atop the Victorian Parliament by the government on Facebook with the caption, “Now we just need to get rid of the racist Australian flag on top of state parliament and get a red one up there and my work is done.”

Ward is the architect behind the Safe Schools program and has adamantly advocated its implementation in schools throughout the country. She is responsible for creating a curriculum that introduces primary school children to sexual concepts and even encourages them to blindly embrace a homosexual lifestyle without informing them of the inherent risks.

Is this the type of person that should be dictating what our children learn in school? Is this the type of person that should be placed in any government advisory role whatsoever?

Nick Wakeling, Opposition education spokesman, says no. “Daniel Andrews and James Merlino are continuing to force every government school in Victoria to teach Roz Ward’s agenda, sidelining both parents and common sense,” he said this week. “Instead of spending more than $1 million of taxpayer money to force Roz Ward’s fringe extremism on to other people’s children, Daniel Andrews should focus on teaching kids to read, write and count.”

Though Ward's behavior is appalling and all those like her should be removed from such positions of influence, we cannot let her become the scapegoat without removing the doctrines she has embedded into nationwide school curriculums as well. We cannot continue to allow her damaging ideologies to infect the minds of our children. The focus now should be on disbanding the Safe Schools program altogether.

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