Safe Schools Dissident Labelled “Extremist”

2016-06-16_Math_Class.jpgOn the Australian Christian Lobby’s Voice for Values radio segment this week, ACL director Lyle Shelton interviewed a Victorian father of two who was labelled as an "extremist" for removing his daughter from a local high school following an alarming encounter with the Safe Schools program.

Steve Burgen, who has two teenage daughters, outlined how the Safe Schools ideology is now percolating through all school subjects, including Maths, English, and Health. In particular, he recalled an incident where his 15-year old daughter’s teacher announced to the class, “It's only the Christians who are against these forms of sexual expression [between two men or two women], but we know better now.”

Following the teacher’s lead, students began expressing their hatred for Christians as well, and any protest from Bergen's daughter was dismissed by the teacher entirely.

And Safe Schools is meant to be an “anti-bullying” program?

After the incident, the school’s administration sided against Burgen and his family, informing them that the Burgen children would have to be sent elsewhere due to their “extremist” views.

As long as we retain Safe Schools, this sort of systematic discrimination against Christians and anyone who opposes gender ideology will continue to go unchecked.

Listen to the full conversation between Shelton and Burgen below.

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