Safe Schools Extends its Claws

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Claws.pngNo institution is safe from clutches of the Safe Schools Coalition. The Safe Schools program is being pushed in primary and secondary schools across Australia, subjecting young children to the program’s radical, sexual indoctrination. 

The program has now added a new segment of society to its running list of indoctrination targets: university. As reported by The Australian:

Teaching students at Sydney University have taken part in sexual and gender diversity training run by the Safe Schools Coalition, as the group looks to shore up supporters before its funding winds up next year.

A testimonial from the university’s faculty of education, seen by The Weekend Australian, reveals that Safe Schools has been involved in developing curriculum for the bachelor of education degree, incorporating sexual and gender diversity content into a nine-week unit aimed at final-year students.

The revelation comes as Safe Schools has ramped up its promotional work in the wake of community concern about the anti-bullying initiative straying from its original purpose by pushing contested gender ­theory and a politically correct ­approach to sexual education into classrooms.

Miranda Devine also commented on the expansion of Safe Schools, after noting how they act in “direct contravention” of the requirements for federal government funding:

In the last desperate months before federal funding runs out next June, Safe Schools project officers are indoctrinating final year student teachers at Sydney University in their radical sexual and gender fluidity studies.

A lecture and Q & A session was held at the university last month with 170 people, mainly pre-service teachers, to “raise awareness” of a training unit Safe Schools Coalition Australia NSW has helped design for the Bachelor of Education.

Safe Schools NSW project officer, Mary Flaskas, admitted that the program will be intensifying its efforts: “The funding runs out in June next year so we’re going to cram as much in as we can during that time.”

Alarmingly, the article reveals that despite the Safe Schools program being sold as a resource for high schools, Safe Schools staff are encouraging its use with primary and even preschools:

“[We’ve] been working in primary schools and occasionally we’re working with the preschools as well,” project officer Mary Flaskas told the group on October 10.

The program instructs the teachers to avoid calling students “boys” or “girls”:

Fellow project officer Darby Cass also told the meeting that Safe Schools works in primary schools to recommend the use of gender neutral language in classrooms rather than “binary” terms such as male and female.

“We’re getting a lot of work with primary schools and high schools, so they’ll go into a panic because they’re so binary.”

In a direct attack on parents’ rights, the presenters even instructing teachers to hide information from the parents of a student if the teacher believed that the parents would not accept a change in gender, saying that a parent’s desire to know “doesn’t matter”:

A member of the audience asked the pair what to do: “If a student asks you to call them, like if a young boy asks you to call them a girl, but the parents have called up and expressed very strong opinions that shouldn’t happen.”

Cass said: “It depends on the age, okay?”

Flaskas interjected, saying: “I think it depends, there was a thing about whether you consider them to be mature enough, that they can make that decision on their own.”

Cass described a case he was involved in where, “we’ve had some horrific resistance from teachers and the child has been over 16 and at risk if their parents know, and we are like ‘you are not to call the parents, you are to support that child in the best way’.”

Cass said the teacher objected to not informing the parents, saying “But if it was my child I’d want to know!’

Cass said: “It doesn’t matter ….”

Demonstrating exactly how far from acceptable teaching methods Safe Schools has strayed, the project officers even suggested changes to the teaching of science to accommodate gender ideology:

Flaksas also spoke about changes in biology teaching: “because now it is no longer really technically correct to say that this is what a male body looks like and this is what a female body looks like.”

Safe Schools has been exposed many times over. Australians know that the program operates under the guise of being “anti-bullying,” but in reality functions as a propagandistic indoctrination program for gender ideology. Proponents of the program know all too well that thousands of Australians vehemently oppose the graphic, radical materials being pushed on their children.

Safe Schools’ agenda, along with all the other “gender ideologies,” is what Australians can expect if same-sex marriage is legalised in Australia. By taking away the importance and specificity of gender, radical ideologists would be able to openly dismiss the biological truth that men and women are different. This would pave the way for marriage to be redefined, which is a direct attack against the family - the building block of society.

It takes no stretch of logic to realise that denying biological truths is destructive for a society. The Australian people are not fooled: they know that gender matters, that men and women are different, and that changing the definition of marriage will have drastic consequences. Australians must continue to push back against the liberal politicians, the indoctrination programs, and the media’s propaganda. Redefining marriage has serious consequences. Subjugating our children to radical programs such as Safe Schools is only one of them. 

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