Safe Schools Founder Shows “Tolerance” for Bullying

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Bullying.pngThe founder of the controversial Safe Schools program is facing pressure to step down after harassing a bystander at a protest in Melbourne.

Roz Ward was photographed this month at an anti-Trump rally in Melbourne as she tried to pull off a Trump-supporter’s hat. In an act of blatant hypocrisy, the anti-bullying campaigner has shown her “tolerance” for bullying. 

As reported in The Australian, she was carrying several copies of Marxist newspaper Red Flag and “smirking” as she tried to pull the man’s hat off.

What does this mean for Safe Schools?

There is a good chance the anti-bullying rhetoric around Safe Schools is simply not true, because the founder of the program has just proven that she accepts, and even participates in, the public bullying of people who are different.

Understandably, Ms Ward is under pressure to step down from running Safe Schools. She refused to comment on the incident, as did her employer. Earlier this year, she was briefly suspended for describing the Australian flag as racist. The university was forced to back down following union involvement in the situation.

Victorian shadow parliamentary secretary Tim Smith called for her resignation, saying:

“Roz Ward receives taxpayer money to get on her pedestal preaching about tolerance … yet she’s been caught basically being very intolerant and threatening towards someone because she didn’t like his hat… she’s got to go.” 

One might recall that the same-sex marriage plebiscite was rubbished as a taxpayer-funded platform for bigotry by none other than Bill Shorten.

Ms Ward has shown us that Safe Schools is just that: a taxpayer-funded platform for bigotry. 

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