Safe Schools Hub Links to Gay Sex Sites

Marriage-Alliance-Safe-Schools-Gay-Porn.pngRepackaging the “Safe Schools Hub” as the “Student Wellbeing Hub” has done nothing to make the site, or the program, any better. Parents should not be fooled: the rebranding is nothing more than a facade. 

Originally called the Safe Schools Hub, the website was relaunched this month with an exorbitant amount of materials and approximately 400 links containing other resources. An article in The Australian sets forth the details: 

Under Labor, the federal government committed $4 million to developing the Safe Schools Hub. 

“The Student Wellbeing Hub is meant to offer age-appropriate materials for students and their parents and educators to ensure children feel safe and supported at school,” Senator Birmingham said.

However, if ensuring that students feel safe was the intended purpose of the Hub, then they missed their mark entirely. Although advertised as an informational site, the Hub has exposed the young people accessing it to explicit material by promoting links to ACON. Along with other mature content, ACON’s site provides a list of “sex-on-premises-venues” easily accessible to the youth on the Student Wellbeing Hub. The Australian continues:

Safe Schools’ resources do not promote links to ACON, but ACON claims to be a key partner of the program.

Originally established as the AIDS Council of NSW, ACON’s main remit is to stop HIV transmission among gay men. It is running a six-week Arse Class on anal sex and sexual health. Previous workshops have included Getting It Online, which covered the use of mobile apps to search for “mates, dates and sex”, and Cruising 101, a crash-course on gay saunas and sex clubs.

ACON’s website also lists up to a dozen sex clubs around Sydney that comply with its “PlayZone Sex on Premises Venue Code of Practice”, which aims to encourage safe sex.

The Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham requested that all sources from the hub be reviewed after The Australian notified him of the links. On 26 October, they were officially removed. However, despite the fact that these links were caught and removed, that the links were on the page at all raises a number of concerns about who is monitoring what is being taught to our children. The Education Minister is unaware of the content and there is no requirement for schools to notify parents that the program is being taught to their children. Parents’ rights to ensure the appropriate education of children, particularly in matters of sexuality, is being undermined. As an educational site, the Student Wellbeing Hub had no business exposing their students to this. Furthermore, although the issue has been temporarily resolved, there is no doubt we will see more of these instances crop up in the future. 

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