Safe Schools Information Kit

The Safe Schools programme is a government funded programme whose national convenor is The Foundation for Young Australians. 

While it claims its overarching goal is to create “safer and more inclusive environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families,” the Safe Schools programme – under the guise of “anti-bullying” – pushes gender ideology in schools. Even its authors have confirmed that the Safe Schools programme is not about stopping bullying, but rather about gender and sexual diversity.

The programme has been placed in high schools and primary schools with no regard to what parents prefer or condone.

But you do not need to take it from us: real experiences with Safe School proponents and administrators, and examples of the Safe Schools material speak for themselves. To help shed light on why Safe Schools is dangerous for children and seeks to undermine parental rights, here is a list of resources compiling true experiences of Australian citizens who found out exactly what Safe Schools is all about, and what their true goals really are. 


The Content of Safe Schools – See why parents actually investigate what Safe Schools is teaching their children are shocked by the explicit material and the kind of behaviours the programme encourages.

Bringing “Safe Schools” into Every Subject – See how Safe Schools ensures that gender ideology is pushed in every classroom, in every subject, even those that have no involvement with gender.

Other Programs Similar to Safe Schools – Understand that Safe Schools is only one part of the movement; there are other programmes also seeking to indoctrinate young children with harmful gender ideology.

The Removal of Parents’ Rights – See how the rights of parents are being ignored, undermined and ultimately overruled.  Even if parents try to opt their children out of the programme, the programme’s materials are pushed in all subjects. Effectively, parents have no say in their child’s participation in the programme. 

The Link to Same-Sex Marriage – Think “gender ideology” and “same-sex marriage” are two separate issues? Safe Schools is just a component of what happens when the definition of marriage is disregarded.

“Safe Schools” Supporters Consistently Link the Programme to Marriage Redefinition – Same-sex marriage advocates like to dismiss concerns about Safe Schools as being irrelevant to the pressure to change the Marriage Act.  But those who advocate for marriage redefinition often advocate for Safe Schools in the same breath.  See some examples here.

News on Safe Schools – Stay up-to-date on news items relating to Safe Schools.

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