Safe Schools Labels Their Opponents ‘Laggards’

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-School-Laggards.jpgThe silent majority is being targeted by the LGBTI agenda once again, with teachers and educational officers as the focus. GALE Association, whose leaders include Roz Ward of Safe Schools, are distributing the first wave of extremely controversial ‘guides’. These documents are not only a masked attempt to encourage the implementation of sex education in Australian schools, but worse, they villainise those who do not whole-heartedly celebrate the mass instruction on the LGBTI lifestyle.

In an article entitled ‘Push in Schools to Fight ‘Modern’ Homophobia’, Rebecca Urban addresses the new slurs which the document established for those who are not actively embracing the LGBTI agenda:  

Educators are being urged to look out for a new form of “modern homo­phobia” — characterised by disinterest, disingenuous support or “sham tolerance” — as part of efforts to promote sexual diversity education in schools.

It seems that “tolerance” is not enough for these activists; people must wholly and enthusiastically embrace and celebrate their radical agenda in order to avoid being labelled as a “modern homophobe.”

The guide, which coins a new acronym to describe its target group: DESPOGI, or Disadvantaged because of their Expression of Sexual Preference or Gendered Identity, cautions activists to be aware of “laggards”, defined as “conservative actors whose main aim is to protest or block government action” as well as “traditionalists” who try to ensure that schools safeguard conservative values and limit knowledge of liberal values.

According to the guide:

“Modern homophobics state they are not homophobic but they prefer their child not to be LGBTI.”

The pamphlet goes on to explain that teachers will encounter this “modern homophobia” in most if not all of their classrooms. To solve this, GALE suggests that all educators should participate in “peer sessions” where teachers are “educated” by LGBTI advocacy groups.

 It cites the importance of “peer education” in generally supportive markets, where LGBTI advocacy groups conduct sessions for teachers on ­issues around supporting LGBTI students in schools.

“In this phase, peer educators will encounter more ‘modern’ homophobia and transphobia,” it says. “Modern homophobia and transphobia are more difficult to deal with than traditional homophobia and transphobia and peer educators need to be trained on this.”

Although claiming to be a crusade for tolerance, the movement is far from practicing what they preach. They are not content to “live and let live,” but rather require everyone to live in a certain way, and hold only an “approved” opinion, and they are co-opting our children’s educators into their campaign.

Fighting for equal rights seems a thing of the past as the LGBTI agenda becomes intent on forcing any opposition to its knees. Now, they are taking it to the point of legal action, vying to create a legislation which would obliterate any opposition in the school system. 

This slow and steady loss of personal freedom of opinion is only one of the effects of altering the definition of marriage. In the name of tolerance, we cannot even remain silent about LGBTI issues without being deemed ‘homophobic’.  As Australians, we deserve the right to not only our opinion, but the freedom to express it. Hold fast to that right! Do not surrender it to the cultural whims of the day or the pressure from LGBTI activists who don’t care about trampling your freedom.

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