Safe Schools: Only Getting Worse

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Safe-Schools-Worse.jpgSafe Schools has become such a threat to the safety of children that Australians are no longer the only citizens who are concerned.

Even the US is starting to take notice. An article on Heatstreet vigorously condemns the program, and more specifically, the new policy which gives such institutions the power to help a child transition to the opposite gender without the knowledge of their parents or legal guardians.

Almost 300 Australian schools have signed up to a policy saying they will consider helping children switch genders even if their parents object.

The group of institutions in the state of Victoria, some of which educate children as young as six, have all signed up to a lengthy “Safer Schools” policy on handling gender identity in schools.

It includes a section which notes that they do not consider parental consent to be a necessary ingredient if children want to transition.

It does not specify at what age this could be appropriate.

The document goes on to suggest possible actions to take, including changing their gender in school records, altering their pronouns in the classroom, altering their uniforms and moving them to different groups in sports teams and on school camps to suit their preferred identity.

At least 290 schools have signed up to the document, more than 95 of which are primary schools educating the country’s youngest school-goers.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that these developments are taking place in Victoria. While the Education Ministers in NSW and Tasmania are scrapping the toxic Safe Schools program in order to implement child-friendly anti-bullying initiatives, Victoria continues to force gender politics upon the youth. Only a few weeks ago, we saw that the “Respectful Relationships” program, a close cousin to Safe Schools, was launched in Victoria. Parallel to Safe Schools, “Respectful Relationships” focuses on teaching pre-schoolers sexuality theory, including but not limited to the dangers of sexism and “male privilege”.

As Sophie York superbly emphasised in her last email:

States that have introduced the Safe Schools program have seen a corresponding – and rapid – increase in the number of children struggling with gender dysphoria… Yet another reasons why it is so important to stand up to Safe Schools.

Let’s protect our children: sign the petition now to get rid of Safe Schools!

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