Scotland’s Bullying Target: Children with Traditional Values

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Scotland-Targeting-Children-Beliefs.jpgPracticing what you preach is clearly not what the ‘tolerance brigade’ believes.

While pushing programs (like Safe Schools) that further the ‘inclusion of allegedly bullied LGBTI children’, the LGBTI community refuses to afford other worldviews similar treatment. In Scotland, this phenomenon has become especially prevalent through the inception of the TIE (The Time for inclusive Education) program.

An article by The Scotsman gives an overview of some of the ‘activities’ which children are presented with in TIE-oriented classes.

Drag Queen Story Hour, an initiative gathering momentum in the US is coming to Britain with schemes being developed in Birmingham and Bristol.

Jordan Daly of TIE, (Time for Inclusive Education), the campaign group aiming to tackle prejudices around LGBT issues in Scotland’s schools, says drag queens are a “fun and energetic” way to challenge gender stereotypes, as long as they are age and stage appropriate for pupils. 

Spearheaded by Bristol law student, the scheme involves drag queens reading from a book they enjoyed as children, followed by a song with a drag twist and a reading from a feminist fairy tale such as The Boy Princess.

Extraordinarily, the article mentions that the program – which we recently reported has been endorsed by Scotland’s largest teacher’s union – has been spearheaded by a law student, not an educator, a child psychologist or anyone else involved in children’s development.

The law student used a crowdfunding campaign to kickstart the project, and it was reported  that 30 drag queens had agreed to take part.

Parents are naturally concerned about how a program initiated by a law student, rather than educationalists or child development experts, which brings professional drag queens into schools for ‘story time’ made its way into their child’s classrooms. According to The Christian Institute:

Last year, the Scottish Government offered its ‘whole-hearted’ backing to a controversial LGBT schools campaign. The Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign seeks to make it compulsory for children to receive teaching on same-sex relationships, pro-LGBT sexual health education and Stonewall.

But Revd David Robertson, founder of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, has described the TIE campaign as a “Trojan horse to impose an ideological perspective on all pupils”.

Just as with Safe Schools, the sole goal is the indoctrination of the youth and the oppression of those who refuse to conform. Rather than promoting ‘tolerance’ and ‘anti-bullying,’ the result of the introduction of mature, gender related content, is that children who refuse to accept the LGBTI lobby’s spiel are harassed and pressured by both students and teachers.

Numerous accounts – including one girl being told she ‘wasn’t a real woman’ because she did not support abortion – were revealed by the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

Another student was told she was a “disgrace” for “promoting this kind of hate” when she said she supported marriage between a man and a woman.

In a separate incident, a student revealed they were harangued on Facebook over their views on marriage and abortion. Another dropped out of a class “to avoid the harassment”.

Thankfully, Education Ministers Rob Stokes and Jeremy Rockliff have discontinued such programs in the both New South Wales and Tasmania, preferring a more inclusive anti-bullying program for all children. Just this week, the Liberal National Party in Queensland announced at its Convention that the LNP State Government would do the same.

However, in countries such as Scotland and states such as Victoria, children are still victims to the aggressive advances of political correctness and gender ideology.

For the states in Australia that have not abolished Safe Schools, we need to take a good look at Scotland and ask ourselves if we really want to sacrifice the psychological health of our children in order to cater to a politically correct regime. Bullying of any kind should not be tolerated, but bullying advocated by school programs against children with unpopular opinions is a disgrace.  

Our children deserve better – and we will fight to keep Australia free for ALL children to feel safe speaking out in their schools. 

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