Scottish Government Under Pressure to Enforce Sex and “LGBTI-issues” Education

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Scottish-Government-LGBT-Students.jpgPressure is building in Scotland for the government to introduce compulsory sex education in all schools, including faith schools. These schools – predominantly Catholic – may soon be unable to teach sex and relationships education in a way that adheres to their religious beliefs. 

This should worry parents, teachers, and schools everywhere. 

Compulsory sex education in schools is a highly contentious issue. Logical reasoning and basic freedoms dictate that parents have the right to teach their children in a way that is consistent with their values, and at a time they consider appropriate. However, “well-intentioned” governments seem to be encroaching on the rights of parents to do so.

While the issue arose after concerns had been building about increasing instances of harassment, “sexting”, and sexual abuse among teenagers, there is a real danger that the compulsory sex education will be about more than safety.

The leader of Scotland’s Government, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, this week threw her support behind the controversial Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign, which calls for legislation requiring the teaching of LGBTI issues across Scotland’s schools, including faith-based schools.

According to its website, the aim of the TIE campaign is as follows:

[We] believe that the contributions of the LGBTI community to our history, culture and society and the issues affecting LGBTI pupils, should be recognised and taught within all schools.

Our aim is to eradicate homophobic, biphobic and transphobic attitudes and behaviours among young people by adopting an educational approach; embedding LGBTI topics and issues into school curricula and social teaching

The TIE campaign is marketed as an anti-bullying program, but has a much broader aim: to ensure that gender ideology is embedded in all schools and in all subjects, removing the right of parents to have a say about what their children are taught – and when – on matters of sexuality.

Sound familiar?

This and other similar programs, like Safe Schools, have the spoken aim of stamping out harassment, but it has been consistently revealed that their true intentions involve indoctrinating children with their radical gender ideologies. They may achieve this, or they may not. Either way, parents should critically look deeper at the ideology behind sex education programs. There is usually more than meets the eye.

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