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The Australian Senate is holding an inquiry into the impact same-sex marriage would have on freedoms and beliefs. The inquiry is considering whether protection of fundamental rights and freedoms will only be available to ministers of religion and marriage celebrants, and not ordinary Australians.

We know that the consequences of redefining marriage affect all Australians, and all of us deserve to have our freedoms protected.

Speak up today, because your voice matters!

We know from the experience of other countries that everyone is affected when marriage is redefined.

For example, in the USA, the UK, and Canada ordinary people have lost their jobs, had their businesses sued, lost their livelihoods, and even faced jail time for simply disagreeing with same-sex marriage.  Just last month, a Canadian court overruled a parent’s right to determine what their children are taught in school regarding sexuality, sex and gender. Around the world where marriage has been redefined we see governments and courts impose concerning agendas that restrict freedoms and rights for people.  Even here in Australia where marriage has not been redefined we see evidence of these agendas, for example in the so-called “Safe Schools” program.

These are real-world warnings and proof that same-sex marriage is only the tip of the iceberg as redefining marriage affects employment, freedom of speech, religious freedom, and many other rights.

Right now, you have a critical opportunity to make your voice heard!

Take this chance to tell the Australian Parliament your concerns about redefining marriage and your freedoms.  Demand that everyone gets a say on same-sex marriage. Stand alongside millions of Australians and give a voice to the silent majority - we all deserve to be heard.

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To the President of the Senate, Senators and all Members of Parliament, we call on the Australian Parliament to:

  1. Acknowledge that freedoms and beliefs have been restricted or lost in countries where same-sex marriage has been legalised; 
  2. Recognise that redefining marriage in Australia would pose threats to the freedoms and beliefs of the Australian people; and
  3. Respect that a people’s vote on marriage is the only way the Australian people can fully and finally reflect their views, freedoms and beliefs. 
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