Act Now: Make a Senate Inquiry Submission

The Australian Parliament is running an inquiry into the impact same-sex marriage would have on freedoms and beliefs. They are asking for your input. Deadline: 13 January.

The current proposal is that, unless you are a minister of religion or a marriage celebrant, there will be no protection for your individual freedoms and beliefs when it comes to same-sex marriage. It is critical that our politicians hear your voice: tell them that ordinary Australians want their freedoms protected too! 

We know that the consequences of redefining marriage affect all Australians, and all of us deserve to have our freedoms protected.

Speak up, because your voice matters!

Make a submission to the inquiry using the form below. While we encourage you to read the below discussion points in preparing your submission, what matters most is making your voice heard.

Senate Inquiry Submission Discussion Points

  • Religious and other freedoms are human rights. When people exercise their right to speak up, they are exercising a fundamental human right, not an “exemption” to anti-discrimination laws.  This fundamental right applies to all people, not just ministers of religion. As with any basic, human right, it must be protected for everyone.  
  • Not all objections to same-sex marriage are for “religious” reasons. In addition to same-sex marriage laws restricting and encroaching on our freedoms, we are concerned about the accompanying changes to education, the de-gendering of society, the increased pressure for commercial surrogacy, and more. Providing “exemptions” for religious beliefs will not address these concerns – we must defend these fundamental institutions, and the rights of all humans to object and refuse.
  • Countries that have legalised same-sex marriage have demonstrated that religious freedom and free speech face increasing restrictions when marriage laws are changed. In countries where marriage has been redefined, ordinary people have lost their jobs, had their businesses sued, lost their livelihoods, and even faced jail time for simply disagreeing with same-sex marriage. We must ensure that similar threats are not posed to the freedoms and beliefs of the Australian people. If marriage is redefined, we will surrender many of our basic, fundamental freedoms.

Your Submission to the Senate Inquiry on Marriage: