Shorten’s Mental Health Card: A Low Blow to the LGBTI Community

Marriage-Alliance-Shorten-Mental-Health-Card.pngWhen Bill Shorten announced that he had the required support from the Labor caucus to kill the marriage plebiscite, he effectively announced that he was dealing the ultimate blow to same-sex marriage supporters. Miranda Devine unabashedly calls out Shorten on the many ways he has used the LGBTI community, for political purposes. 

To start off, Shorten shows clearly how little regard he has for the issue of same-sex marriage. Rather, he goes with whatever stance he thinks will further his career, not what will benefit the Australian people the most, or even what will please same-sex marriage advocates:

Just three years ago, Shorten was advocating for a plebiscite on same- sex marriage in preference to a parliamentary vote: “I would rather that the people of Australia make their view clear on this than leave this issue to 150 people,” he said. But now he’s changed his mind. And he’s hoodwinked same-sex marriage devotees into thinking he’s done them a favour. More fool them.

Shorten’s political ploys don’t stop there. He even pulled the “mental health” card to defend his move to kill the plebiscite, threatening self-harm on behalf of the LGBTI community:

The suicide card was Shorten at his most despicable. Every time he suggests the plebiscite will cause gay teens to self harm, he is soliciting for martyrs. He tries to shame upholders of traditional marriage into silence for fear of damaging these theoretical suicide risks, yet every day he is out there suggesting it as a political tactic. As one gay supporter of the plebiscite said yesterday, he is indulging in objectionable “reverse stereotyping of the gay community, as if we are such precious petals we will go and slit our wrists”.

Shorten and Labor clearly don’t respect the LGBTI community. Same-sex marriage supporters understand that a plebiscite was the best compromise and method for Australia as a country to settle the issue. Shorten’s real view of Australian citizens has been revealed: he is happy to use the LGBTI community as props in a political debate, and he doesn’t want the Australian people to have a say in the matter.

Australian citizens deserve a plebiscite. Shorten does not deserve to stand as public figure for Australia: his insulting actions render him an enemy to the Australian people, and no champion for the LGBTI community.

Tell Bill Shorten to stop playing politics with marriage and the LGBTI community by signing our petition.

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