Shorten’s Use of Children as Political Props is Shameful

Marriage-Alliance-Shorten-Uses-Children.pngBill Shorten and the Labor party have egregiously denied the Australian people their right to decide the matter of same-sex marriage. It really is impressive: in one move, Shorten has dismissed the Australian people, insulted the LGBTI community, and used children as political props.

Writing for The Daily Telegraph, Miranda Devine lays into Shorten, calling him out for his cowardice, hypocrisy, and especially for his low move of using children as a political ploy:

Bill Shorten pulled off the most cynical political stunt in living memory yesterday, when he announced he had the unanimous approval of the Labor caucus to kill off the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

He held a packed press conference afterwards and lined the front row with little children shamelessly recruited as political props in a debate he has ruthlessly poisoned.

He has demonised the plebiscite, which was offered in good faith as a compromise by the government, and for which they won an electoral mandate.

Devine points out how Shorten’s decision is a disgrace on many levels, particularly in how Shorten has ensured that the same-sex marriage debate continues to wage war, divide the country, and create political tension for this and future generations. As Devine herself said, “Shorten is the one who has deliberately fuelled division and disharmony on the debate and he has promised to continue ad infinitum.”

Shorten has effectively ensured that Australians children only know a turbulent society when it comes to marriage. The plebiscite offered Australians a chance to resolve the matter as a country. But Shorten has said “no” to uniting citizens. Shorten has said “no” to clarifying Australia’s marriage laws.

What is more, rather than taking responsibility for his actions, Shorten ushered in children to use as props. By strategically placing children in the front row of his press conference, Shorten used emotional blackmail, insinuating that anyone who opposed him and his political games opposed the good of the children. What drivel.

Shorten has done nothing more than use children to further his political goals. Shorten has kept Turnbull and his administration from being the “heroes” of the marriage debate. He has denied Australian citizens their promised plebiscite. And he has ensured that children continue to be seen as emotional props for politics. Shorten has lowered the bar far beyond what was previously thought possible.

Unlike Shorten, traditional marriage supporters will not surrender their children to be political props, or receptors to radical ideologies. Shorten may think he has evaded a tricky political situation, but all he has done is dig himself a deeper hole and reveal how he really views the same-sex marriage debate, the people’s rights, and children: as tools for his political agenda.

Tell Bill Shorten to stop playing politics with marriage and innocent children by signing our petition.

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