Should Teachers Be Required to Promote Extreme Sex Education?

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Teachers-Sex-Education.pngPeople are starting to become gravely concerned about programs similar to Safe Schools, and more and more people are opposing its implementation. A recent example comes to us from Melbourne, where high-school teacher Moira Deeming took a stand against the curriculum, preferring to quit her job than teach the “Respectful Relationships” material, which has been described by one MP as a “light version” of Safe Schools aimed at younger children. According to an article in the Herald Sun, Deeming stated that:

…she was shocked by the content and would rather be fired from her job than teach such “sleazy, unnecessary drivel” to her students.

Deeming proceeded to explain that the content is extremely mature, especially for the intended age group, and ineffective in stopping bullying and gender discrimination. Furthermore, it opens children’s minds in a variety of unhealthy and dangerous ways.

[E]ducating children as young as 12 about porn and getting them to have classroom discussions about masturbation and sex was not appropriate and would not help to stop gender-based violence and discrimination as the program intended.

Kevin Donnelly of the Herald Sun explains the similarities between Safe Schools and Respectful Relationshipst: 

According to both programs, being male or female is a social construct and primary-age children are told that because gender is fluid and limitless, they can be whatever gender they want. 

It is important to note that both of these programs will become mandatory educational material in government schools in Victoria from next year, and it is almost certain that other states will follow Victoria’s lead if same-sex marriage is legalised. Furthermore, this material is set to become a foundational aspect of education, leaving parents unable to defend their child’s exposure to said material. Children are being taught that gender fluidity and sexual experimentation are not only normal, but encouraged. Important educational instruction such as writing, reading, and mathematics is being treated as secondary importance. 

What are the consequences of implementing such a program? Children are used as political pawns and their development in areas of relationships and sexual maturity is being compromised. The fight has left the playing field of politics and government, and surreptitiously attacked the children of Australia instead. Knowing that young minds are easily influenced, movements such as Safe Schools have decided their course of action will be to indoctrinate this rising generation and those after it. They have directed their political battles towards the young and innocent of our country, pushing their last safeguard ­– their parents ­– out of the way. Australia needs to shield our youth from such harmful educational organisations like Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships, forcing politics back into fair playing grounds and away from our children.

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