‘Same-Sex Marriage Won’t Affect You’ They Said

How many times have same-sex marriage advocates told us that redefining marriage will only affect those in same-sex relationships? 

Such logic plays a significant role as the backbone of the ‘yes’ campaign’s arguments. However, while it may have been a convincing argument a decade ago, recent events are slowly debunking this propaganda. In fact, the education system alone stands as proof that where same-sex marriage is legalised, consequences follow on its heels for all races, religions, ethnicities and sexual orientations.

Karina Okotel, a contributor to The Sydney Morning Herald, featured a list of the most recent effects of same-sex marriage on students. If there is any group which will be gravely affected by the legalisation of same-sex marriage, it will indubitably be our children:

In all of the arguments of the "yes" campaign they never do talk about what impact same-sex marriage has had on basic freedoms, they simply say the sky won't fall in. Sure, but we can talk about what has actually occurred.

When same-sex marriage was legalised in Massachusetts, children were given literature including that said it's a myth that marriage is about children and a myth that children are best served when raised by a mother and father. When parents complained about a picture book shown to children with a same-sex couple kissing, their school said that they'd continue to read these books. They took the matter to the court but the court found that schools now have an obligation to normalise same-sex marriage.

In Canada, law graduates from a Christian university are refused admission to practise in certain parts of the country because the university holds the view that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Three months ago in England, a Jewish school failed three inspections as they didn't teach about homosexuality and gender diversity, and therefore as same-sex marriage is legal, the students were not being provided a full understanding of fundamental British values. And that school now faces closure.

Currently in England, where same-sex marriage was only legalised three years ago, a same-sex couple are taking the Church of England to court to require them to officiate their wedding, challenging the religious exemptions that were enshrined in British law.

Later this year, a student will go to the UK High Court to ask to be readmitted to university after being thrown out of his social work degree for expressing his view about marriage on his personal Facebook page.

These aren’t just arbitrary stories constructed over a period of years –  they are true instances of the present reality of countries where same-sex marriage was legalised.

So, is the “yes” vote really as harmless as the packaging in which it’s being sold?

As we’re spoon-fed lines such as ‘it won’t affect you’ and ‘we just want equality for everyone’, our youth are being actively punished for refusing to succumb to the indoctrination. Either they are lying to us, or same-sex marriage proponents have a strange notion of what ‘unaffected’ means.

Given what we have seen over the years, the latter is not the case. 

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