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Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Stand-With-Us.jpgWe at Marriage Alliance know that marriage and all its accompanying benefits must be protected. Thanks to your support over this past year, we have been able to warn Australians all over the country about the consequences of redefining marriage. Whether it is radical changes to sex education in schools, the imposition of gender ideology or dramatic restrictions on your freedoms, we know that a change in the definition of marriage affects everyone. When the facts are revealed, it becomes clear that legalising same-sex marriage in Australia is not in the best interest of Australians.

Politicians know that the majority of Australians do not want to redefine marriage, and hence, resort to forcing the people to accept such radical agendas. As recently as last month, Australian politicians rejected the voice of the Australian people by voting against a plebiscite and the right of every Australian to have a say in the definition of marriage.

Whether it has been the push of the same-sex marriage lobby to push legislation to redefine marriage through Parliament, the weaponising of anti-discrimination laws to stifle legitimate debate, or the imposition of the misleading ‘Safe Schools’ program into our children’s schools, there is a continuing assault on the freedoms and beliefs of the silent majority of Australians citizens and the Australian people have had enough!

While espousing tolerance, our opponents have embraced and practiced bigotry, fully willing to intimidate and bully anyone who disagrees with them.  We only need to recall the need for Marriage Alliance and other marriage supporters to relocate our meeting from the Mercure Hotel and instead meet in secret after venue staff were threatened for evidence of that. 

At the beginning of this year, there was a real possibility that same-sex marriage would be law in Australia by year-end. As 2016 draws to a close, it is so encouraging to look back and say that thanks to your support, we were able to accomplish so much. Among our successes were the following standouts: 

  1. Establishing a national coalition of organisations so far representing 6 million Australians, with hundreds of thousands of supporters and more to come
  2. Educating millions of Australians about the consequences of redefining marriage and the misleading ‘Safe Schools’ program
  3. Building campaign teams in every state and territory
  4. Setting up world-class technology systems to enable campaigns across every electorate
  5. Stopping the redefinition of marriage in 2016

Your support has made it a successful year, and strengthened our movement that will defend marriage in the long-term. There’s still much more to do, but together, we will surely accomplish even greater feats in 2017. Everyone at Marriage Alliance is so grateful for your support: past, present, and future. As we gear up for the future battles, please know that your continued support is both much needed and appreciated.

Any donation you can make this month to help us prepare for the new year only strengthens us. If we are able to meet our target of $150,000 by 31 December, we will be poised to start the new year with a running start.

We simply cannot do this without your support; but together, we can ensure that your voice and the voice of millions of Australians like you will be heard.

Let’s work together to deliver a strong finish to 2016, and begin 2017 with our biggest impact yet! Give today. Your gift matters.

Thank you for your support, and we wish you and your families a happy new year.

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