Sydney Doctor Calls for an End to Safe Schools

Marriage-Alliance-Doctor-Calls-End-Safe-Schools.pngA Sydney doctor who led the 17,500 signature petition against Safe Schools has continued to call for the program to be abolished, the Daily Telegraph reports

Dr Pansy Lai, a general practitioner, said she noticed during the election campaign that many parents were concerned about the program. She was pleasantly surprised at how many parents signed the petition against Safe Schools, and continues to fight for the program to be abolished. 

“I felt like all these voices needed to be heard,” she said. 

“Safe Schools is promoting views on gender and sexuality that Chinese parents find extreme.

“Chinese people really value family relationships, and we expect to pass on our family values to the next generation. It’s a parent’s right to teach sexual education to our children.”

The program, which purports itself as an anti-bullying platform, has been widely criticised by parents, academics and others, including a legal academic from the University of Sydney.

Dr Lai said the signatories are not affiliated with any religious or political group.

“The petition started from parents, and I need to make that clear,” she said.

“Parents are busy people. They’re not going to take time out of their day to oppose­ this unless they’re really concerned.”

Dr Lai insisted that the program did not give parents sufficient consent, and that it would cause much wider changes than simply preventing bullying.

“When you look at the Safe Schools material, it’s not talking about lessons it’s talking about the whole school environment.

“It’s changing school language, changing bathrooms — it’s changing the whole school environment.”

Despite calls from thousands of parents for Safe Schools to be abolished, it remains unchanged.

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