Sydney Water Rejects Covert Pro-Marriage Advertising Claim

Marriage-Alliance-Sydney-Water-Scam.pngSydney Water has rejected as “potentially a hoax” an allegation from a person who posted on the Sydney Water Facebook page, saying that a pro-marriage flyer was included with their bill.

Sydney Water investigated the claim, and issued a response on its Facebook page, denying the claim:

“We have undertaken an investigation and have not found any evidence that this material could have been sent by us,” Sydney Water wrote.  “We have a number of safeguards in place including video security cameras, weighing mail and holding back a proportion of our bills for quality assurance. We have confirmation that our safeguards are working as they should and our mail process has not been compromised. Our mailing house also confirmed that they do not distribute materials of this nature so there is no risk of cross-contamination.”

Sydney Water also noted that no other customer had contacted them with a similar experience, and thus concluded that it was either an isolated incident or a hoax.  Others living in the same area reported that they had indeed received the flyer in their letterbox, but not enclosed in the Sydney Water bill.

The Facebook post has since been deleted.

The Sydney Water story seems oddly similar to the story of US Pastor Jordan Brown, who complained that a "gay hate slur" had been written on a cake he ordered.  Pastor Brown filed a law suit for intentional infliction of emotional distress against Whole Foods grocery store in Austin, Texas, alleging that instead of receiving a cake with “Love Wins” written in icing as ordered, he was given a cake which instead read, “Love Wins F**.”  He also posted a video on social media in which he made the allegation and showed the cake.  Whole Foods was quickly able to produce CCTV footage which proved Pastor Brown’s claim to be false.  Pastor Brown has since retracted the claim and admitted the story to be a fabrication.

There are some same-sex marriage advocates who, like Pastor Brown, will willingly invent stories like this to advance their cause.  Hoaxes will also appear in Australia as the plebiscite approaches and advocates here look to the playbook used in other countries.  These charades do not only undermine their cause, it makes a mockery of those people who are actual victims of discrimination.

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