Taiwanese Parents Stand Up Against Gender Ideology in Schools

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Taiwanese-Parents-Against-Gender-Ideology-Schools.jpgIn another example of the global resistance from concerned parents, parents in Taiwan took to the streets to protest the legalisation of same-sex marriage and the consequent push for gender ideology in schools. The protest was associated with the Rescue Taiwan Hope Alliance, a pro-family group

The protest comes at the same time a landmark case which could decide the future of marriage in Taiwan is being heard by a panel of 14 judges.  The case will debate whether a line in Taiwan’s civil code, specifying that marriage is between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional. In November 2016, over 20,000 people gathered to protest the issue, and the recent gatherings show the matter is still hotly contested.

As they took to the streets, many protestors chose to remain anonymous when speaking to the press. The threat of persecution for standing up for traditional marriage is very real in Taiwan, just as it is in Australia.

As we have seen in Australia recently with Safe Schools and similar initiatives, schools have become means of instilling radical gender theory concepts in children to further a progressive agenda, and educators are becoming increasingly aware of the link between changing the definition of marriage and the introduction of gender ideology in schools. As SBS reported, members of the Taipei School Education Union attended to protest changes to school curricula:

“As teachers, we have to be willing to stand up for our consciences,” said union president Lee Hui-lan. “Teaching the idea of a ‘gender spectrum’ just serves to confuse elementary students before their natural gender identities solidify.”

Attempts to legalise same-sex marriage in Taiwan were unsuccessful under the conservative Kuomintang party. However, many fear traditional marriage is at risk under the new Democratic Progressive Party leadership.

The protests in Taiwan show that  across the world, there is a growing realisation that the consequences of the redefinition of marriage extend beyond same-sex couples who might wish to get married, but it reaches all the way into the classroom as well.

Changes to the definition of marriage are cause for concern for people across the globe - this marriage fight is not isolated to any one country. The debate on marriage is far from over, but take courage: you are not alone in standing up for the existing definition of marriage.

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