Take Action: Get Rid of Safe Schools altogether!

By: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokeswoman

Last week I was thrilled to share the news that the Safe Schools program is to be scrapped in NSW and Tasmania, and thousands of you signed our thank you notes to the education ministers of those states who showed true leadership on this issue.

But the fact remains that children from six other states and territories are still being exposed to this harmful material. And last week’s budget brought more bad news for parents.

While there’s still confusion about what the Gonski 2.0 school reforms will mean for school funding, it appears that school fees for faith-based and independent schools will increase, forcing families who cannot afford the hikes into the state school system. This means that more children than ever will be exposed to the Safe Schools program.

Sign the petition now: ask every State education minister to scrap the Safe Schools program and protect our children!


Parents have a right to be concerned about the impact of Safe Schools on their children. We have seen recent reports of a spike in gender dysphoria in children since the program was introduced and medical professionals who call for caution in seeing gender transitions for kids as a solution are being criticised and intimidated into silence.

If even our highly respected medical professionals are being silenced for political reasons, it is more important than ever that we add our voices in support. For the sake of our children, we must double down on our efforts to ensure that Safe Schools is gone from EVERY state and territory — before even more families are affected by the insidious program.

We are asking all education ministers to follow the examples of NSW and Tasmania. It is time to move beyond the Safe Schools program and remove it from every state and territory in Australia.

Political agendas have played a role in our children’s education for far too long! As a concerned parent and citizen, I am asking you to join us in demanding that Safe Schools be removed from all schools across Australia.

Thank you for standing up for our future generations.

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