Teachers’ Union Advocates LGBTI Training for Preschoolers

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Transgender-Preschoolers.pngWith the LGBTI lobby’s unrelenting attack on marriage, schools remain a battleground in the fight to protect our children from radicalised indoctrination program. As we have seen, the LGBTI lobby allows for no exceptions, and believes that for the sake of “tolerance”, no age is too young to begin subjecting children to sexualised materials.  

Following in this mindset, the teacher’s union in the UK has announced that preschoolers should be taught about transgenderism. As reported in The London Telegraph, representatives at the annual conference of the National Union of Teachers urged its members to push LGBTI issues in classes for children from preschool onwards:

Toddlers as young as two should be taught about transgender issues, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) has said.

Delegates at the NUT’s annual conference in Cardiff called on its members to promote LGBT+ issues to children starting from nursery school.

They urged ministers to make proposed sex and relationship education (SRE) “inclusive” to so that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students “are told explicitly in the law that their lives are important too”.


But teachers passed a motion which called on members to "campaign to ensure a comprehensive age-appropriate content including promotion of LGBT+ matters for all schools from nursery throughout all phases of state education".

Current iterations of sex and relationship education have been deemed obsolete because they are not “inclusive” enough. As has happened in multiple countries where marriage was redefined, the right and responsibility of parents to educate their children on these subjects has been outsourced to schools. But can parents trust them to teach these topics in a transparent way that is consistent with their values? It is hard to say.

In the UK, parents could be left without the ability to opt out of the sex and relationships education programs. Kiri Tunks, vice president of the NUT, told union delegates that allowing faith schools and parents to opt out is a “dangerous loophole” which will “leave many young people ignorant and vulnerable”.

Eliminating the right of parents to opt out of contentious programs such as these is an egregious breach of parents’ rights, especially when the theories being taught have been so widely contested. Nevertheless, there have been increasing instances at home and abroad where parents have been forced out of the equation when it comes to sex education.

The teacher’s union has emphasised the need to teach teenagers about the dangers of “sexting”, online pornography and cyberbullying, which many view as positive steps forward. However, introducing LGBTI issues – particularly material on transgenderism – into preschool classes is unnecessary, dangerous and ideologically-driven.

In South Australia, schools can intervene to enable students to undergo gender transitions without parental consent. The Victorian Government recently announced the upcoming launch of its Respectful Relationships curriculum which will teach preschoolers about the dangers of sexism and gender stereotyping. Not only are children unaware of the concept of sexism at preschool age, these efforts are often masked attempts to teach children radical gender theories.

The UK example in schools is yet another demonstration of what we all know to be true: redefining marriage has consequences for everyone. Stripping society of its foundational understanding of gender has led to insidious programs such as the one above to infiltrate our children’s schools. If we do not continue to fight against such radicalised programs here in Australia, we surrender our children to become puppets for these ideology indoctrination campaigns. 

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