Teen Requests for Gender Transition Are Exponentially Rising

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Teen-Requests-Gender-Transition-Exponentially-Rising.jpgOver the last four years, the number of children applying for Family Court approval to undergo sex-change treatments has risen by an alarming 360 per cent. A more concentrated look reveals that changes in Victoria have been much more dramatic – with the number of children seeking help from its Royal Children’s Hospital rising 4,000 per cent in the 6 years since the introduction of Safe Schools in the state. In NSW, one lawyer – a specialist in gender dysphoria – has a witnessed a 300 percent increase in the number of such cases.

The numbers are staggering and terrifying: children are being approved for these irreversible treatments, which are known to have long-lasting consequences:

In 2013 the court dealt with just five applications from parents of teenagers seeking stage-two hormonal treatment for gender dysphoria. That figure rose to 19 applications in 2015 and 23 last year, with every request approved.

Family Court approval is not required for stage one treatment (puberty blockers) but it is required for stage two (hormonal treatment) and stage three (reconstruction surgery). Thus, “every request approved” means every teenager who asked for hormones to be injected into their body, causing irreversible changes to their body, received them, and every teenager who requested approval for surgery did as well. These changes are not insignificant. For example, those who are approved for permanent hormonal or surgical treatment will have their fertility dramatically affected. 

To no one’s shock, school-based programs which teach radical gender theory, particularly Safe Schools, are prevalent in these areas. One family lawyer said the controversial programs were a crucial factor for the skyrocketing figures. As another lawyer noted, transgender celebrities – such as Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner – were drawing attention to the issue and forcing pop culture to “celebrate” their lifestyles. 

As The Daily Telegraph reported:

“Slater and Gordon family lawyer Katrina Stouppos said the increase in applications could be put down to schools promoting “gender diversity”, particularly through the Safe Schools program.”

Gender ideology is already impacting ordinary families: when children are exposed to these ideas, some will make life-altering, permanent decisions, which they may regret later in life. It is clear that gender ideology is far from harmless. 

Tragically, parents almost feel compelled to support their children, since the media pushes the “suicide and depression” argument in support of gender reassignment. One parent – whose name was not released by the Telegraph – said gender reassignment surgery was necessary for trans children, citing trans children’s higher risk of suicide and depression as reason enough:

“Parents don’t WANT young people to be trans ... but we go through immense changes in ourselves to learn to accept utterly what they are telling us, and learn that they do actually know themselves in such a matter as gender.”

The reason for the involvement of the Family Court is to ensure that the decision of the parents to allow their children to undergo permanent, life-altering medical treatment is in the best interests of their child, and not made out of some blind adherence to the increasingly common push towards gender fluidity. But there is a deep, cultural problem when the Family Court ignores this responsibility, and its involvement becomes an exercise in rubber stamping. In doing so, it puts the lives and health of children at risk.

We must raise our voices against programs which enforce potentially harmful ideology on children, who may just be experiencing natural curiosity about their identities as they grow up. If we remain silent, these numbers will continue to rise – as will the number of regretful adults who have been through unnecessary, irreversible surgery.  

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