Tell Coalition MPs: ‘Stand by your promise on marriage!’

One_Click_Facebook_Ad_2.jpgBy Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokesperson –

“We’re going to get it [same-sex marriage]. I think it might even be sooner than everyone thinks. And your friends in Canberra are working on that outcome.”

So said Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne to a group of left-leaning Liberal MPs and supporters in Sydney last Friday night – comments that were leaked and widely reported in the media recently.

Since then, numerous frontbench MPs, including Prime Minister Turnbull, have sought to dispel fears that the Coalition might be weakening in its resolve to ensure a people’s vote on marriage.

Despite this, it is obvious that the delay on the promised plebiscite has at least some MPs thinking that Australians do not care about having a say. Nothing can be further from the truth!

Australians know there is too much at stake in the marriage debate, and we want our voices heard.

Let’s remind Coalition MPs and senators that we want a say on marriage!

Regardless of what the vocal "Marriage Equality" Lobby would have MPs believe, this month's essential report poll on same-sex marriage revealed that: 

  • At least 61% of Australians want a plebiscite on marriage
  • Even 57% of Labor voters want a national vote
  • Only 27% of Australians think the issue should be left to politicians to decide

It is critical we remind Coalition MPs that Australians expect them to deliver the plebiscite that was promised at the last election, and that we tell the Senate to stop blocking a people’s vote.

Screen_Shot_2017-06-29_at_11.00.57_AM.pngUse our new online tool to email your state or territory’s Coalition politicians and ask them to deliver on the promised plebiscite. It only takes two minutes!

Every day, the team at Marriage Alliance hears from people across Australia who want a say on marriage. We love hearing from you, and right now, we urgently need you to use your voice to demand that the Government fulfills its election promise on a marriage plebiscite as well.

Together, we can do this

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