Terms & Conditions

We understand that you care how Information about you is stored, used and shared. This Statement of Privacy Principles, Terms and Conditions (herein the “Privacy Policy”) explains what Information of yours is collected by us when we make contact, how that Information will be used, and how you can control the collection, correction and/or deletion of that Information. We will not deal with your Information in any way except as described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy does not apply to other Data which we may collect from time to time.

How We Collect Information

We may collect your Information via our Digital Platforms. This information will invariably be provided to us if and when you register on a platform administered by Marriage Alliance or a Third Party (e.g. by “following,” “liking,”, “commentating” or linking with the relevant website or network). If you correspond with us by email, we may also retain the content of your email messages, your email address and our responses. We may also retain any messages you send through Marriage Alliance’s Digital Platforms.

NationBuilder and Google Analytics

Marriage Alliance uses the NationBuilder platform to organise our community of members, supporters and prospects. When you visit a Marriage Alliance platform, NationBuilder may uniquely identify your browser to help you log in faster and enhance your navigation through our website and related Digital Platforms.NationBuilder has its own privacy and confidentiality policies which deal with how the service interacts with and protects your information. These can be read at:

Marriage Alliance uses Google Analytics to help us understand how Marriage Alliance is used by the public and to improve our service to our suporters. Google Analytics may collect information sent by your browser and their use of this information is governed by their privacy policy, which can be read here.

Credit Card and Financial Information

Donations and financial contributions to Marriage Alliance can be made via NationBuilder. Information that is transmitted or associated with these donations and financial contributions are subject to the relevant NationBuilder policies. These can be read at:

Use of Information

We use the Information to operate, maintain, and provide the features and functionality of the Marriage Alliance CRM database.

By providing Marriage Alliance any Information that includes your contact details in the manner contemplated in this Privacy Policy, you consent to us using the email address to contact you in due course of our activity. You also agree that we may send you notifications of activity in accordance with any applicable privacy settings. If you do not want to receive such messages, you may opt out using the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email or indicating your wishes in a reply.

Following termination or deactivation of your Marriage Alliance account, we may retain your profile Information and user content for a reasonable period of time for archival purposes, or for purposes connected to any legal or contractual obligation. Furthermore, Marriage Alliance may retain and continue to use indefinitely all Information (including user content) contained in your communications to other users or posted to public or semi-public areas of Marriage Alliance after termination or deactivation of your account.

Marriage Alliance reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor the user content you post on any Marriage Alliance platform. We reserve the right to remove any such Information or material for any reason, where it is our opinion and view that retaining or maintaining such Information may violate any applicable law or to protect or defend our or a Related Party’s rights, property or interests. Marriage Alliance also reserves the right to remove information upon the request of any Related Party or Third Party.

Any Information you provide will not be passed onto a Related Party unless:

  1. That Information is reasonably required by the Related Party, and
  2. That Related Party is acting on our behalf or as an agent or representative of ours, and
  3. That Related Party is acting under the terms of an agreement signed with us, where that agreement makes provison for dealings with, and the treatment of, private and confidential information, and
  4. The provision of that Information is necessary for operational purposes and other legal or contractual requirements.

Any Information you provide will not be passed onto any Third Party, unless:

  1. Where the provision of that information is necessary for verification purposes (e.g. where you have signed a petition or similar, and the petition will be presented to a Third Party), or
  2. Where the Third Party is duly authorised by law or legal authority to request that Information and we are under a legal obligation to provide it.

Otherwise, all Information will be used by Marriage Alliance only, for internal and operational purposes, and will not be disclosed in any way other than as outlined or contemplated in this Privacy Policy.If you have any concerns as to how your Information has been used, or you wish to update your Information, you are welcome to contact us on the details provided below and we will work to address those concerns or resolve any issues as the circumstances may permit or require.


If you have any queries about our privacy policy you may contact us:

Marriage Alliance
PO Box 1886
Royal Exchange, NSW, 1225

Or you can email info@marriagealliance.com.au

Key Terms used in this Privacy Policy

Data means information that is obtained by us from you or which is provided to us by you in due course of telephone canvassing, door-to-door canvasing, signing up at functions and events organised by us or Related Parties, information contained in or incidental to Related Party referrals.

Digital Platform includes but is not limited to website forms and interactive elements, social media and online networking technology, email and other electronic modes of communication and Information transmission.

Information means data that is obtained by us from you or which is provided to us by you on or via a Digital Platform and which may include your identification information, contact details, replies to surveys, responses to polls, signing a petition, answers to queries and any other substantive content contained in an item of electronic communication.

Related Party means an organisation that is not Marriage Alliance but which (a) is an Affiliate or Assoicate Organisation of Marriage Alliance and is subject to its own privacy policies and obligations in contract and law (b) is an organisation which Marriage Alliance has retained or employed for operational reasons and which is subject to its own privacy policies and obligations in contract and law.

Third Party is any entity that is not Marriage Alliance or a Third Party

Requesting a Donation Refund

Marriage Alliance will consider requests for a refund of a donation received through our website www.marriagealliance.com.au. Any request received within 10 days of funds being donated will be reviewed and where a reasonable request is received, donated funds will be refunded. Changes may be made to future recurring donations at any time. To dispute a transaction, or request a refund for a donation, please email Marriage Alliance at info@marriagealliance.com.au clearly stating the reason for your request. Our staff will review the request and get back to you with a final decision within 72 hours.