Thank You for Saying 'No!' to Safe Schools and for Putting Children First in NSW and Tasmania

Dear Mr Stokes and Mr Rockliff, 

In response to your decision to remove the Safe Schools program from classrooms in your respective states, we would like to express our sincere gratitude, and simply say: THANK YOU.

Thank you for listening to the concerns of parents whose children were being indoctrinated by Safe Schools. Thank you for using common sense to make a decision that puts the wellbeing of our children before aggressive, politically-charged agendas. Thank you for giving our children the opportunity to grow up without being force-fed dangerous views on identity, gender, and sexuality – in an environment that rejects honest discussion on the consequences of those views.

Please continue to stand up for the rights of parents and keep our children’s education focused on the subjects which will give them the best and brightest future.

Again, many thanks for upholding common sense and your commitment to our students’ education. You have the support of caring parents and informed Australian citizens.

Yours sincerely,

Sophie York
Marriage Alliance

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Join us in thanking Education Ministers Rob Stokes and Jeremy Rockliff for discontinuing Safe Schools and protecting our students from this radical program. Your voice matters – encourage your public figures to continue to resist the aggressive LGBTI ideologues and stand up for the rights of parents, the wellbeing of our children, and the will of the Australian people. 

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