The Content of Safe Schools

Cella White is a mother of four children.  She was so alarmed about the gender ideology being played out in her son’s classroom that she felt she had no choice but to withdraw her children from the school.


“Ms White said her 14-year old son was told he could wear a dress to school and that male-born students who identified as female could use the girls’ change rooms and toilets... “It was announced in science class that boys could wear school dresses next year”, Ms White said.”

Herald Sun, 7 February 2016

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Watch Cella’s story below.

The Safe Schools program teaches students that there are several “building blocks” to identity, including sexual identity (who you like), sex (the parts of your body) and gender identity (how you feel) and creates lessons related to each of these aspects. The program teaches students that gender is not a matter of being “male” or “female” – even though this accords with common experience – but rather that gender exists along a spectrum, and provides 13 different “gender identities” with which students might like to identify.

Below is just one example of the handouts given to students in the Safe Schools All of Us resource. You can review the rest of that resource here and also see the other Safe Schools resources on its page.


(Image: All of Us, page 34)

This resource is part of the Marriage Alliance Safe Schools Information Kit. 

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