‘The contribution of steady and casual partnerships to the incidence of HIV infection among homosexual men in Amsterdam’ AIDS 17 (2003) Maria Xiridou, Ronald Geskus, John de Wit, Roel Coutinho and Mirjam Kretzschamr

iStock_66609677_MEDIUM.jpgThis is a study of young Dutch homosexual men which found that due to rates of promiscuity 86% of new HIV infections occurred within steady homosexual partnerships. A mathematical model was developed for the spread of HIV infection among young homosexual men in Amsterdam after the introduction of HAART (‘Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy’, a treatment of people infected with human immunodeficiency virus). The study concluded that most new HIV infections among homosexual men in Amsterdam occur within steady relationships. Their research aim was to present a mathematical model that was intended to predict how HIV and AIDS would spread among gay men.

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