The Hypocrisy of the Same-Sex Marriage Movement

2016-06-02_Fingers_Crossed.jpgWhenever we elect ideologically-driven politicians to office, we see a clear disregard for the people’s voice and a strong propensity to legislate personal, often radical, agendas. This couldn’t be more true than with the Green and Labor Parties, both of which have expressed ominous ideas about policy changes to be made if either are elected into office.

Dr. Kevin Donnelly, writing for the Daily Telegraph, explains how radically liberal politicians have recently begun pushing these social agendas under the banner of “Safe Schools”. The goal? To fundamentally change the society in which we live by shamelessly manipulating the next generation.

The Greens’ policy is to fully fund the radical LGBTQI Safe Schools Coalition program that indoctrinates children as young as four and five with its message that there is nothing natural or beneficial about the love between a man and women.

Gender is fluid and limitless and because it is a social construct, boys can be girls and girls can be boys in this dystopian brave new world of the future.

And it now appears that the ALP federal Opposition will follow the Greens and the socialist-left Victorian Andrews government — that refuses to modify the program in response to the recent Commonwealth review — and fully support the program.

…Add the fact that both the ALP and the Greens want to abolish the current exemptions faith-based schools and organisations have to discriminate in who they employ or who they do business with and it’s clear that the battle lines are being drawn.

While they force their radical agenda on children, liberals are simultaneously attacking dissenting institutions that have long acted as moral safeguards of society. Donnelly reports on how the left upholds its own special interests while viciously bashing anyone who disagrees.

While the Catholic Church is attacked for writing to companies like Telstra expressing its concern about business groups publicly supporting same-sex marriage, the left activists feel free to condemn and boycott superannuation industries that invest in coal.

The fact that approximately 800 Australian businesses and corporations can go public endorsing same-sex marriage while the Catholic Bishops are attacked for putting the counter-case in the Don’t Mess With Marriage booklet also illustrates how dire the situation is.

Though the radical left claims to be the safeguard of diversity, equality, and “tolerance”, the list of what is being tolerated has grown all the narrower. Don’t be fooled by the hypocrisy: the same-sex marriage movement is about anything but equality.

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