The Left’s Cultural War of Attrition

Marriage-Alliance-Lefts-Cultural-War-On-Attrition.pngVictorian Premier Daniel Andrews recently tweeted a letter he wrote to PM Malcolm Turnbull expressing his disapproval for the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. 

Andrews’ actions reflect a tendency within the cultural left to antagonise their enemies when it does not get exactly what it wants. The left will try to impose its agendas on the population at large, without regard to public well-being.

Gary Johns, an opponent to the plebiscite himself, expressed his disgust with Andrews and those who argue in a similar way in an opinion piece from The Australian.

Labor is good at fighting culture wars with public money. It wants to make the Safe Schools project compulsory for all Victorian children and to exclude parental objection to having their children exposed to the struggles of a tiny minority who are coming to terms with an indeterminate sexuality, or to those whose sexuality is definite but not conducive to begetting children. Empathy surely, but to have everyone question their sexuality to make these few more comfortable, hardly.

But I digress. Andrews asserts the same-sex marriage plebiscite will “legitimise a hateful ­debate that will subject LGBTI Australians to publicly funded slurs and denigration”. I can ­assure him that this advocate for the no case has always conducted the argument in the most respectful terms. It ­appears only leftist ideologues, such as the Premier, think all Australians are like his fraternity.

Throughout the debate over marriage, the left has consistently maligned and denigrated anyone who opposes same-sex marriage, Safe Schools, or the forced public acceptance of LGBTI ideology. By waging this cultural war of attrition against proponents of marriage, the left is only damaging its own cause, revealing who the true bigots in this debate really are.

In the end, everyone suffers. Neither the conservative community nor the LGBTI community benefits from hostile discourse.

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