The Left’s Gender Views Contradict Reason

Marriage-Alliance-Gender-Views-Contradict-Reason.pngNot content with pushing their agenda of same-sex marriage, the political Left has now passed a bill in Victoria which caters to the transgender agenda. This new law states that transgender individuals can select the sex descriptor in their birth registration as male or female. Furthermore, the bill states that they can also register themselves as any other descriptor, with the arbitrary provision that it is not “obscene or offensive”.

With this law, it only confirms that the Left has officially pushed their policies past the boundary of scientific reason, all in the name of emotionally indulging a tiny minority. As Piers Akerman writes in an article in The Daily Telegraph:

In Daniel Andrews’ socialist state of Victoria, the lower house has already passed such a bill more than 150 years since scientists determined the sexual function of chromosomes and established on the basis of biological evidence and subsequent work on DNA recognised the genetic markers identifying the sequences that decide whether a creature is male or female.

Sadly, this is the reality the Australian people face today: factual information and logical reasoning is rejected in the name of ‘diversity’. People are afraid to listen to reason because they fear being called ‘bigoted,’ some derogative of ‘phobic,’ or ‘unaccepting’. Instead, they are forced to bow to the pressure of the loud minority, departing from logic and fact to save a little face. As Akerman points out:

Darwin, and other giants of scientific inquiry, would be stunned if they were to learn that a Western government (as petty as the Victorian legislator may be), an inheritor of the Enlightenment legacy, possessed of all of the scientific knowledge that now enables us to meet the genuine challenges of chronic diseases and global food shortages, is turning its back on reality to entertain psychological fantasies.

What comes of defying logic for emotional gratification? Freedom is put evermore at risk in the name of ‘diversity’. This movement from the Left attacks the building block of all free societies: traditional marriage. In doing so, it attempts to implement a socialist agenda, dispelling the mother-father-child dynamic, effectively subverting the family. Thus, the citizens of Australia are left open to the demands to abandon solid thinking and worship the god of diversity.

The Australian people deserve to make their own decisions on such matters: rather than politicians imposing an agenda on the people, Australian citizens deserve to have a vote, so that they can decide whether they will follow logic, or follow the gender ideology. 

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