The Link to Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage means changes occur to sex education

If we change the marriage law to include same-sex relationships, we will need to change sex education so that all relevant sexual practices are taught as equally valid and healthy.  

The logic is very simple.  If the law tells us that marriage between two homosexual, bisexual or transgender persons is the same as marriage between two heterosexual persons, then – as a matter of “equality” – our children must learn that sexual activity between two homosexual, bisexual or transgender persons is the same.

Sex education will become far more complex than the “birds and the bees” under the guise of “equality” and “anti-discrimination,” or – as we are seeing with the Safe Schools program – “anti-bullying.”

What might begin as “optional” resources end up being mandatory as the years go on.

We have seen this happen in other countries where same-sex marriage has been approved.  Canada legalised same-sex marriage since 2005, and just over 10 years later, all schools – including religious schools – are being forced to teach the complex sex education curriculum.

And it starts from kindergarten!

The Canadian Supreme Court said that a school board’s decision to not include picture books introducing same-sex marriages as learning materials for the Kindergarten and Year One students risked “trumping a broader tolerance program and denying certain children the chance to have their families accorded equal recognition and respect in the public school system.”

The Supreme Court of Canada expressed what we know instinctively to be true.  Once we remove gender from marriage, we will be forced to remove it from education.

The curriculum does not stop just at introducing family structures which include same-sex couples, but also various forms of sexual activity.

This is happening in Canada, with oral and anal sex being taught in Year Seven (ie, to pre-teens.)



(Article: Ontario Liberals to introduce updated version of sex education curriculum pulled in 2010 over religious objections, National Post, 30 October 2014)

When it was argued that some of the material was not age-appropriate, the Canadian Supreme Court responded that “tolerance is always age-appropriate.”

Removing gender from marriage leads to removing gender from education, which leads to removing gender from children.

Removing gender from marriage leads to removing gender from education

It is not only about sex education, but also about gender education.

The Marriage Act is the only law left which says that gender matters.  If our marriage law is changed to remove gender, our education programs will also change to have gender removed.


And it starts young.

The Safe Schools program is “officially” a program for Years 7 and 8 but promotes the use of the Gender Fairy book for children as young as four.  


Removing gender from marriage and education leads to removing gender from children.

The removal of gender from marriage and education also involves removing gender from children, teaching them instead that it is a “social construct.”

The Gender Fairy book tells children: Only you know whether you’re a boy or a girl, no one can tell you.  Safe Schools is attempting to reinforce messages like this through the school in other ways.


“Children as young as seven have been exposed to lessons about “transgender experiences”, with the Victorian head of the controversial Safe Schools Coalition admitting having taught the secondary­ school program in prim­ary schools.

“In a lecture given by Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward, which was captured via audio ­recording, she discusses an ­activity from the program’s main teaching guide, All of Us, claiming, “I did this with a Grade 3 class”. “It’s a great activity if you ever want to do it,” she tells the group of teachers.


“Titled Transgender Experi­ences, the lesson aims to provide students with an “opportunity to explore the topic of gender and gender diversity”.


“There are 75 primary schools nationwide that are currently signed up to the coalition.”

The Australian, 14 May 2016

Read the full article here.


“A radical proposal for Victorian schools to provide an equal number of unisex or non-gendered toilets to male and female toilets has been put forward by controversial Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward.

“The plan has been presented to the Education Department along with an alternate proposal for all toilets to be self-contained unisex ­cubicles which open into an “outside space” where teachers can monitor behaviour and prevent “gender identity” bullying.


““Our advice if a school is planning on building toilet ‘blocks’ would be to have an equal number of unisex/non-gendered, male and female ­options,” Ms Ward wrote. 

“The availability of a ­female-only space may be necessary for particular cultural needs, but anybody who is female-identified would be able to use that space.””

Herald Sun, 29 September 2016

Read the full article here.

Removing gender from education is having serious consequences.  Victoria’s Royal Children’s Hospital expects to consult 250 children this year, up from just a single case ten years ago, and “dozens” three years ago.  The most likely explanation for this is not that there is a higher concentration of children suffering gender dysphoria in Victoria, but rather that Safe Schools began in Victoria and has been operating in that state since 2010.

This resource is part of the Marriage Alliance Safe Schools Information Kit.

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