The New Intolerance Placing Basic Freedoms at Risk

ma-religious-liberty-is-at-risk.jpgReligious author, Mary Eberstadt recently spoke about her latest publication, “It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies”. According to reports

As partisan groups attack opponents of same-sex “marriage” as “haters” and “bigots,” and as protections of the freedom of speech are framed as a “license to discriminate,” Eberstadt argues that these slurs must be challenged to set the record straight.

Eberstadt explains some of the events that inspired her latest work, paired with her own analyses of what is happening to modern society:

It’s Dangerous to Believe was sparked by accident several years ago, when I began following the explosion of religious liberty cases in Great Britain: among them, the teacher fired for praying for a sick child — which her managers defined as “bullying”; the Christian health worker who was disciplined for “bullying and harassment” after asking a co-worker if she’d like a prayer said for her (the co-worker said yes); the couple who were denied status as foster parents because they would not recant “unwanted” passages in the Bible; the delivery driver who lost his job for leaving a crucifix on the dashboard of his company’s van; the preschool teacher fired for refusing to read a book about same-sex parents aloud to 3-year-olds; and the street preacher who was sent to jail for speaking “threatening” words from the Book of Leviticus.


Then came the eruption of the new intolerance on our own side of the pond: the CEO [Brendan Eich] who lost his job as head of Mozilla when it was revealed that he had donated $1,000 to a group that defended traditional marriage; the fire chief in Atlanta who was fired when it was revealed that he’d written a book defending Christian beliefs about sexual morality; the pastors in Houston whose sermons had been subpoenaed by the mayor’s office to see if they ran afoul of a new city ordinance; the professors and teachers here and there fired or suspended for teaching theories of natural law or biblical ideas — or, in one case, for saying a prayer on a football field at the end of a game.


This new intolerance is dangerous.

The threats to basic rights and freedoms are real, and have become more pronounced in countries which have changed the definition of marriage.  As the marriage plebiscite draws near, the Australian people must be properly informed: redefining marriage has consequences that extend beyond the definition or marriage. This plebiscite holds significance for the future of marriage, the family, society, and freedom. Such an important issue must be decided by the people. But just as importantly, the Australian people must be properly informed of how important their vote is to their future, and the future of Australia. 

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