The Traditional Family Is Not Welcome in NZ

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-NZ-Marriage-Traditional.jpgNo one will deny the bias in the media against traditional marriage supporters. Same-sex marriage advocates seem to get a pass and boost in almost every outlet.  

In New Zealand, one government board has taken this to a new level. The New Zealand Charities Board has recently decided that they will strip Family First NZ of its charity status – because they advocate for the traditional family. It is a low-blow, but not one that should come as a surprise. For years, the board has made no secret of its disdain for Family First NZ:

The board’s move to deregister Family First as a charity goes back to 2013 when it told the group: “(W)e do not consider that the Trust continues to qualify for registration as it has an independent purpose to promote and protect the traditional family and this is not charitable.”

However, with NZ’s recent legalisation of same-sex marriage, Family First was made a target for daring to oppose the politically-correct norm of the day:

Co-incidentally, this [decision] followed the legalisation of same-sex marriage in New Zealand, which Family First had opposed, sponsoring a petition against the redefinition of marriage in 2012. The group fought deregistration and the Wellington High Court in 2015 told the board to reconsider.

In his decision Justice Collins recognised the strength of Family First’s argument that its advocacy for the concept “…of the traditional family is analogous to organisations that have advocated for the ‘mental and moral improvement’ of society.…”  The board was told by Justice Collins that “…Members of the Charities Board may personally disagree with the views of Family First, but at the same time recognise there is a legitimate analogy between its role and those organisations that have been recognised as charities.”

What the government board failed to offer was a clear explanation on why now the board has rescinded on its own decision to grant Family First a charity status. As FF’s National director, Bob McCoskrie, pointed out, it is not Family First that change, but the board’s personal views on what constitutes a “charitable organisation,” and they hypocrisy of demoting Family First but not its opponents:

Family First gained approval as a charity 11 years ago. It has passed two audits – one as recently as 2010 – and has made no change to the nature of its operations over years. “It appears that only the opinion of the government organisation overseeing charities has changed,” says Mr McCoskrie. 

Currently registered as charities – and apparently not under threat of losing that status – are three groups that opposed Family First during the same-sex marriage debate: QSA Network Aotearoa, Waikato Queer Youth, Rainbow Youth Incorporated. Also basking in official approval are the Humanist Society of NZ (a crusading secularist group) and a slew of human rights groups dealing with controversial issues, including other gay and transgender rights organisations.

Apparently it’s OK to lobby for new ideas about human beings and the way they relate to one another, but not for the tried and tested ones on which societies currently depend.

In demoting NZ Family First from a charitable status, the government board is making the statement that promoting the family is incompatible with being charitable. In doing so, they establish a precedent towards precluding al faith-based organisations from providing charity altogether.

It is a simple fact that in countries where same-sex marriage legalised, opposing it becomes criminalised, and opposers become unprotected victims. Even here in Australia, we see blatant resent for those who support traditional marriage. Penny Wong’s own words on the subject indicate that she equates opposing same-sex marriage is essentially homophobia. She once stated that “opponents of marriage equality already use words that hurt.” If we are going to worry about words that hurt, surely telling traditional family supporters that their cause is unworthy would employ ‘hurtful’ words?

It is beyond dispute that stable families are good for society – taxpayers pay less on services, the physical and mental health of children is given its most protected setting, and the family is the only functional social unit that promotes and enables population stability, just to name a few. The same-sex marriage agenda is paving the way for the government to get involved in family life in order to promote a politically correct ideology over the good of the society.

This is why we MUST fight. As the family goes, so does society. NZ is on a dangerous path. If we do not, we too will be heading towards the same fate.  

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