The US Supreme Court Redefined Marriage: One State Is Fighting Back

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-US-Supreme-Court-Redefined-Marriage-One-State-Fighting-Back.jpgOnce again, the LGBTI agenda’s crusade for ‘rights’ has superseded the fundamental privilege children should have to their biological identity. It is no coincidence that such cases are becoming more prevalent than ever in countries that have legalised same-sex marriage, such as the United States.

In June 2016, an Indiana court ruled that biology could be ignored so that a same-sex couple could instead be listed as parents on a birth certificate.

But the State of Indiana is fighting back to defend the rights of children, appealing a decision of its own court. The State of Indiana will argue that a birth certificate should reflect a child’s identity, and not the emotional relationship of its carers. As one can imagine, the LGBTI community is quite unhappy with this turn of events. According to Emily Longnecker of WTHR, one of these couples, the Philips-Stackmans, are unimpressed:

"Unfortunately, it's just too bad that our state is a little bit behind the times," said Lisa of the state's decision to appeal.

Although the State of Indiana is facing criticism for this challenge, such a decision is necessary to ensure the authenticity of official government documents. It lends credence to the fact that despite the radical change in the U.S.’s definition of marriage, there are grave consequences to redefining a precept on which society has been built. The Supreme Court might have unilaterally imposed a redefinition of marriage on all U.S. states, but the states are not going to let all of the consequences of that decision affect their citizens without a fight!

As same-sex marriage becomes more widespread in America, legal institutions are starting to experience the effects of ‘inclusive mandates’. As they come face-to-face with the consequences, Americans are learning the hard way that redefining marriage redefines mothers, fathers, and families, and completely rewrites the basic rights of children.

It is important for us to take note of how America’s legalisation of same-sex marriage has plagued their legal system. The U.S. courts are struggling to balance the rights of ordinary people, especially children, with the new court-imposed definition of marriage. In all cases, someone loses, and more often than not,  it is the people who believe in the true definition of marriage who are hit the hardest.

As the fight for marriage continues here in Australia, we need only look at countries such as the United States to verify the truth: redefining marriage has consequences. As the U.S. discovered, those consequences reach far beyond one legal definition. 

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