They’re Calling You a ‘Right Wing Dinosaur’

Marriage-Alliance-Right-Wing-Dinosaur.pngMalcolm Turnbull faced increased pressure this month from Labor and Green politicians to - as Greens Leader Richard Di Natale suggested - “stand up to ‘right wing dinosaurs’ and legalise marriage equality”.

The issue of same-sex marriage has certainly not disappeared with Labor’s announcement that it would block the plebiscite. Rather, advocates for same-sex marriage moved on to try to force a vote in parliament to legalise same-sex marriage without giving the Australian people any say in the matter. But while doing so, they failed to maintain a civil debate, and without a sense of irony, employed insulting and harmful language of which they too often accuse their opponents of using.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

On the ABC's Q&A on Monday night, an audience member pressed the Green and Labor representatives on the panel about the same-sex marriage plebiscite being killed off.

“How can the ALP and the Greens turn around to gay and lesbian people in the community when there is no chance for marriage equality in the life of this parliament, and say that they've really put politics before people?” a man asked.

Dr Di Natale said while the plebiscite itself was no longer an option, marriage equality was still up to the Prime Minister. “I don't agree with the premise of your question that marriage equality is doomed - the plebiscite is doomed,” Dr Di Natale said.

“[Malcolm Turnbulll] has an opportunity here. He can stand up to those right-wing dinosaurs inside his own party, show some leadership, be true to who he is, because people are feeling betrayed. Be a leader, stand up, let’s have a free vote in the parliament, and let's get this thing done.”

Economist Judith Sloan said the term “right-wing dinosaur” went against civil debate, and said there was “no way” Mr Turnbull would change his mind on this issue. 

This is a transparently clear indication of what the Greens and Labor wanted: to stop the people from deciding the marriage issue. It’s not about avoiding uncivil debate as they like to claim (which at the same time they engage in it themselves!) Labor and the Greens know exactly what the Australian people want when it comes to marriage, so they had to shutdown the plebiscite. As a growing number of Australians are becoming aware of the consequences associated with redefining marriage, same-sex marriage advocates are becoming more desperate.

The cancellation of the plebiscite was Labor and the Greens successful attempt to usurp the people’s right to decide this issue. They may think they have stymied the silent majority, but the Australian people are not fooled: redefining marriage has serious consequences. If the politicians think forcing same-sex marriage on the people will not have consequences, they are unequivocally wrong.  

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