They’ve Done it Again: LGBTI Lobby Forces Gay Journo to Quit LGBTI Activist Group

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Gay-News-Corp.jpg“Do as we say, not as we do” seems to be the LGBTI’s motto when it comes to tolerance. Shannon Molloy, a gay journalist, has been pressured to leave his position on the board of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby ­– an LGBTI activist group – simply because certain members of the LGBTI lobby disapprove of News Corp, the company for which he works. Molloy was subjected to a targeted campaign on social media, which disputed his membership of the group on the grounds of his employer being one of the few news outlets which reports on some of the negative consequences of redefining marriage, rather than whitewashing them like most other media. 

An SBS columnist described the man’s ordeal in The Australian:

“The Lobby and Shannon were inundated with emails, Facebook and Twitter messages saying that having a News Corp staffer on the board was a conflict,” Ms Stark tweeted today.

“Last night Shannon quit the NSW GLRL board due to the distress this campaign has caused. He told me, “They win. I’m done.” My question to these ‘activists’ is who does this serve? What has been achieved for LGBTI equality by leaving a gay man feeling broken?”

Reportedly, gay activist Rodney Chiang-Cruise was at the heart of the bullying campaign against Molloy. Molloy wrote in an op-ed that having been bullied as a child, this bullying from within the LGBTI community hurt the most:

THE awful feeling was all too familiar. Someone had me in their sights and decided to attack, and nothing I said or did was going to stop it. Suddenly, I was a kid all over again.

On the weekend, a well-known gay activist from Melbourne named Rodney Chiang-Cruise orchestrated a very public campaign to have me removed from the Board of the New South Wales Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. My terrible indiscretion? Being employed as a journalist for News Corp Australia.

I’ve worked for News for three years. I became involved with the GLRL about a year ago and was formally elected as a committee member in late 2016. My place of employment was proudly declared in my candidate bio, presented to Lobby members at the annual general meeting.

It is tragic how cruelly the LGBTI lobby will treat its own members for being associated with those who might represent a different (or even a balanced) view. As vocal LGBTI activist and known troll Michael Barnett tweeted, no matter what a person gives to the LGBTI lobby, no one is exempt from their bullying:

“it was irrelevant who the News Corp employee on the board of the GLRL was. The issue was that a News Corp employee was on their board. News Corp pay people to destroy Safe Schools and make the lives of transgender kids unbearable. Working for them is unethical.”

This is not the first time that the LGBTI lobby has turned on its own supporters. Late last year, transgender woman Cate McGregor was sacked from another LGBTI activist group for expressing her concerns about Safe Schools. Sally Rugg, a director at GetUp! criticised a group of celebrities who called for LGBTI tolerance, saying:

“This 1950s tolerance bullshit is offensive, completely tone-deaf and detrimental to the campaign.

“Privileged, cisgender celebrities have no right to speak for the LGBTI community on what students need.”

One of Molloy’s fellow News Corp journalists tweeted that this whole episode shames the LGBTI community:

“I'm a gay journo. I work at News Corp Aus and that ppl in my own community could tear down fellow LGBTI journo Shannon Molloy is shameful.”

Openly gay MP Tim Wilson said it was a disappointing example of oppression by the LGBTI lobby:

“This is a disgraceful outcome. Too often groups are responding to noisy voices that should be ignored. These extremists are shifting from the oppressed to the oppressor. There’s no place for such conduct in a tolerant and mutually respective Australia.”

We have seen the LGBTI lobby’s capacity for extreme and oppressive behaviour all too many times in the past. This incident is also evidence that in the frantic pursuit of “marriage equality”, many people are being harassed, bullied, and trampled.

The activist group has since condemned the harassment that Mr Molloy faced this week:

“Earlier this week, the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, as well as one of its Committee of Management members, Shannon Molloy, was on the receiving end of behaviour that was completely unacceptable,” the statement said.

“When that behaviour comes from within our own community, it should be condemned. There is a difference between having a debate on an issue, and personally attacking someone. The behaviour that has been shown this week towards particular individuals that have proudly volunteered for our organisation has been nothing short of appalling. It is damaging, and there should be consequences for those responsible.”

The organisation also offered their support and said they would welcome Molloy back “with open arms” if he ever wished to return to the lobby.

“Shannon has the total support of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, and should he ever wish to return to the organisation to help create positive change for our community, an issue which is so dear to his heart, we will welcome him back with open arms. The unwarranted abuse has to stop.”

Although the NSW GLRL condemned the behaviour and expressed its support for Mr Molloy after the media storm, the damage had already been done: the LGBTI lobby revealed their true colours. These “tolerance and equality” activists openly perpetuate – and encourage – bullying and harassment against their own members. This is not the behaviour of a group who wants to further their cause – it is the behaviour of a group who will stop at nothing to have their way.

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