Think the Push for Same-sex Marriage is a ‘Grassroots’ Movement? Think Again

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Same-sex-marriage-Grassroots-Movement.jpgSame-sex marriage advocates are seasoned activists. Their campaign is a far cry from a ‘grassroots’ movement, and it certainly does not espouse the idea of ‘love’ or even ‘tolerance’ for dissenters. 

Such professional activists have made it their life’s mission to not only force a change in marriage in their own countries, but around the world. Many played a prominent role in the legalisation of same-sex marriage in both Ireland and the United States. Now, these activists have a new target: Australia.

Running on 32 years dedicated to leading the LGBTI ‘rights’ campaign, Evan Wolfson, a Harvard lawyer, is credited with driving the ‘Freedom to Marry Campaign’ in the United States, with the end result of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage

An article for The Daily Telegraph profiles Woflson, also known as the “father” of the same-sex marriage movement, as he prepares for his attack on Australia’s societal understanding of marriage:

Wolfson’s strategy for success as an activist is as powerful as it is simple… He has managed to drive the US’s same-sex marriage campaign — a term he generally spurns, he says, because it suggests something other than marriage equality — forward by exhaustively reminding Americans that everyone is entitled to “love and commitment and connection.”

He is now teaching the same tactics to Australians involved in the campaign:

It’s also a message echoed locally by one who considers Wolfson a mentor, co-chairman of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich.

Even with all of Wolfson’s charisma and experience, he admits that the government’s responsibility to the people, and their promise of a people’s vote, is an obstacle to redefinition because it would likely reveal what we all know, that the silent majority of Australians do not want the definition of marriage to change: 

The main obstacle in the push for same-sex marriage remains the Turnbull government’s commitment to a largely unpopular plebiscite which gay advocates believe will see their hopes of reform dashed while a parliamentary vote would likely succeed.

Wolfson, along with many other same-sex marriage advocates, is urging the Australian government to forcefully push same-sex marriage legislation through parliament without a people’s vote. Such an act by the government would require them to turn their back on democracy, and renege on their promise to the Australian people.

Without seeming to acknowledge the irony of his statement, Wolfson – a lifelong activist seeking to import his same-sex marriage campaign and its associated consequences to Australia – tries to sell this as an ‘Australian’ issue:

“The decision is about real families in Australia and the need for Australia to live up to its values as a country of freedom and equality and respect and inclusion. This is not really about other countries. “(sic)It’s about people in Australia.”

If this issue is truly about the people in Australia, then why not let the people decide on the issue of same-sex marriage? What is more, why doesn’t Mr Wolfson then keep out of Australian affairs if he is not a part of the ‘people in Australia’?

Wolfson’s views and actions exemplify the truth about the same-sex marriage agenda: same-sex marriage activists are never satisfied. Destroying their own country’s societal pillars is not enough – they won’t rest until the whole world kowtows to their ideology.

The silent majority in Australia must be forewarned: our opponents are not a movement from within our country – it is a global movement of professionals attacking marriage, family, individual freedoms, and anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

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