This is the Opposition’s Plan

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Opposition-Plan.pngWhen things go quiet, it is usually a safe bet that something is brewing. After the plebiscite was voted down, same-sex marriage proponents began setting their sights on the next plan: to force a free vote in parliament through a targeted grassroots campaign.

Rodney Croome, former national director of Australian Marriage Equality and avid opponent of the plebiscite, outlined the new plan of attack to change the definition of marriage. He first acknowledged the danger that a national vote would have posed to their agenda: 

The death of the plebiscite will be a relief to many and we should take the time to thank those brave folk who did so much to stop it. But we must also be ready to move straight to the next stage of the marriage equality campaign.

Those groups and advocates I have been working with to stop a plebiscite, including Pflag and Just Equal, are ready to write the next chapter of the Australian marriage equality story.

That chapter will open with two themes: the first will be a cross-party bill and the second will be grassroots pressure on those MPs who now hold the fate of marriage equality in their hands.

Croome then named the segments that same-sex marriage activists will pressure to achieve their agenda’s demands:

Senators: The Senate is where co-sponsored legislation should be introduced because it is the chamber where the government does not control the agenda.

Senate support for marriage equality would significantly increase pressure on Coalition members in the lower house to be given a free vote or cross the floor.

Marginal, urban Liberal-held seats will be a particular focus: the simple question to these MPs will be, as a supporter of marriage equality do you really want to go to the next election as a supporter of marriage equality with no progress having been made on the issue?

A second group of seats to target will be those National MPs who either support marriage equality or are softly opposed.

We intend to engage in the same type of community activation with the message that the National party’s strident opposition to a Coalition free vote does not represent country people.

The lack of respect for the beliefs of individual Members of Parliament is clearly evident, with Mr Croome expressing an intention to specifically target people of faith:

We will make sure Labor members also feel the pressure, especially those Catholic senators who have yet to support party policy and vote for marriage equality.

As it has been made clear many times over, “marriage equality” activists care nothing about respecting others, encouraging tolerance, or even allowing the Australian people to have a say in the matter.

The Australian people know that marriage is vital to Australian society – hence, they want to protect marriage. Brexit and the US presidential election revealed that when voters know the facts and consequences, they do not succumb to political correctness.  

As same-sex advocates prepare for their next attack, Australians must be ready. The right of all Australians to decide the matter of marriage is being contested by these “marriage equality” campaigners. 

As they gear up for the next stage of their campaign, their agenda is being exposed. But the silent majority is also gearing up and will fight back. Are you interested in joining a team that stands for marriage? Become a Marriage Alliance volunteer for a place on the front lines!

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