This is the real war on women

Women’s rights are being jettisoned in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘exclusivity’. Despite the fact that we celebrated International Women’s Day this month – which is especially poignant due to the #MeToo movement – we are doing nothing to address the rampant harassment of women which is being fostered by the transgender agenda.

In a post in The Spectator, women’s activist Judith Greene shares her personal experience with the verbal assault and threat of physical violence she has received from trans activists for practicing her freedom of speech in the realm of politics:

Most transgender people, I am sure, are as decent and kind and open-minded as anyone else. But a small, aggressive group of activists — not all of them trans, by the way — want to establish a new norm of debate: that anyone who disagrees with them, or even asks questions, ought to be silenced, sacked or both. They do this by branding us as ‘transphobic’ bigots, and by going to astonishing and worrying lengths to disrupt our meetings. As soon as Woman’s Place UK announces a meeting, the venue starts getting hassled and harassed — with phone calls and social media messages accusing them of hosting a ‘hate group’ — as if a bunch of women talking about the law are dangerous subversives.

…At the meetings, we’ve had activists arrive with their faces covered, shouting and swearing at women as they arrive and leave. Some of our conversations are about domestic violence and abuse: they are now held while people outside bang drums, having sworn at the women on their way in.

Sadly enough, free speech is just the tip of the iceberg where it concerns the trans agenda’s attack on women. As MPs push to amend the 2004 Gender Recognition Act, women are bracing themselves to watch men who ‘identify’ as female be afforded the rights and protections which generations of women before them have fought so hard to obtain. Voicing the concerns of Australian women – and indubitably women around the globe – Ms Greene asks:

Should someone born and raised male, who is therefore reasonably perceived as male, be included in spaces reserved for women — changing rooms, domestic violence shelters and prison wings? How would the changes affect women of certain faiths who rely on single-sex exemptions to enable them to access services they might otherwise have to avoid? Should all-women shortlists (used by Labour and the Lib Dems) be put at risk by including people who are legally male, purely because they say they are a woman?

As politicians push for these reforms in the name of ‘equal rights’ for the transgender community, they are trampling the fundamental rights of women throughout Australia. The distinction between sexes is not just a social construct, but boundaries created to protect women; boundaries which the LGBT agenda is determined to tear down in order to accommodate their vision.

Women have fought for centuries in order to obtain equal rights. Are we really going to allow the transgender agenda to tear it away?

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