To Fly or Not to Fly the Rainbow Flag? Victoria Puts it to a Vote

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Rainbow-Flag-Victoria-Vote.jpgIt’s a novel concept: rather than continuing to authoritatively flying a rainbow flag over a community, a local council in Victoria will allow the members of community to decide the issue via a vote. Who would have thought civil debate and civil solutions surrounding the redefinition of marriage were still possible?

The Victoria council was divided when a councillor asked for a rainbow flag, intended to be flown outside the council building until marriage was redefined in Australia, to be removed until their constituents were asked about whether they wanted it there. The Surf Coast Shire in Victoria voted to raise the rainbow flag over the council chambers in April, but Councillor Heather Wellington called for it to be removed until members of the community could be consulted about the issue.

“The shire has raised a flag in recognition of IDAHOT [International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) day for a long time and I think that's a completely appropriate thing to do,” Cr Wellington said.

“I think it's a good thing to recognise different groups in our community, but the permanent flying of the flag over the council chambers is an entirely different issue.

“To pick a particular flag of a particular group and fly it on the civic building of a shire is not a decision I believe that ought to be in the power of a council without consultation with its community.”

As reported by the ABC, the councillor who asked for the public to be consulted was immediately labelled a homophobe and a bigot – even though she herself is in favour of the redefinition of marriage.

“It's very disrespectful and unfair,” she said.

“There is absolutely no reason for there not to be marriage equality in Australia and I'm really very firm on that.”

Supporters of same-sex marriage have proven themselves to be vicious in their approach to anyone who has the nerve to ask for a debate. It does not matter to them that this councillor is a supporter of same-sex marriage – all that matters is that she questioned the dominant ideology and suggested the topic could be put up for debate. The flag will continue to fly at the council chambers due to a notice to rescind the proposed resolution.

Mayor Brian McKiterick, whose vote decided whether the flag would be taken down, said it was not the council’s place to challenge the Federal Government on this issue.  

“The issue for me is more related to the use of the position of a councillor to attempt to influence other spheres of government,” he said. “It's divided the council and community so as Mayor I’m looking at ways to come to some sort of agreement.”

Same-sex marriage is far from a settled issue. As we know, its proponents are unable to broach a debate on the issue, because their ideology is based on denials of objective truth (such as biological evidence of gender), acting on emotional impulses, and shutting down any opposition. 

At Marriage Alliance, we will continue to inform all of Australia of the potential consequences of changing the definition of marriage. Same-sex marriage proponents want to censor all debate and silence your voices – but we won’t let them. We will not stop fighting for the people’s right to decide the issue of same-sex marriage via the promised, people’s vote. 

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