Totalitarian Rainbow Politics Censors Opposition

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Rainbow-Politics.jpgFor a community which brags the support of 70 percent of this nation, the LGBTI lobby is strangely opposed to a popular vote.

Why? Because even “Yes” voters are finally admitting that the same-sex marriage movement is threatening the fundamental freedoms of the Australian people, in particular freedom of speech.

While this information may finally be dawning on some, it’s old news to the majority of Australians, who have been the victims of the LGBTI lobby’s silencing tactics for years. According to Coalition for Marriage spokesman, Lyle Shelton

[A] popular vote is exactly what the same-sex marriage lobby does not want.

Claiming young LGBT youth would commit suicide if a plebiscite were held, the Labor opposition led by Bill Shorten teamed up with cross-bench senators to block legislation last December that would have triggered a compulsory attendance plebiscite.

The aim of the same-sex marriage lobby was to force the government to break its election promise by instead holding a vote on the floor of Parliament, where the numbers are tight and same-sex marriage activists think they have their best chance of winning.

Throughout the long decision-making process regarding the marriage vote, same-sex marriage advocates have recurrently proven that they will stop at nothing to silence the majority. Now, as 7 November draws closer, even opponents of the “No” campaign are starting to second guess themselves. They are well aware that if same-sex marriage is the outcome, then anti-discrimination laws will inevitably be weaponised, particularly in respect to the education system.  

Last month, in chastising a Canberra Christian school for urging its school community to vote no, the Australian Capital Territory’s education minister, Yvette Berry, vindicated the Coalition for Marriage’s key claims by saying schools had no right to refuse to teach gender fluidity and same-sex sex education programs.

In countries like Canada, where same-sex marriage is legal, it is even more evident that the LGBTI lobby is intent on shutting down conversation which does not actively promote their beliefs on gender identity and sexuality:

A follow-up Coalition for Marriage television ad featured Canadian father Steve Tourloukis saying that once same-sex marriage was legalized in Ontario, the courts said his children must be taught to celebrate homosexuality.

But it doesn’t stop there. Transcending both the political and education platforms, the attack on our freedoms is now being waged on a social level.

Yes supporters continue to prove that their campaign threatens the freedoms of dissenting Australians.

Just last month, a business owner sacked an 18-year-old for putting up a No campaign meme on her Facebook page. Some have called for a Roman Catholic archbishop to be fined for distributing a pastoral letter on man-woman marriage, and acts of violence have been committed against No campaigners at universities and against the Australian Christian Lobby.

Presently it may seem as though only proponents of the “No” campaign are suffering under the “Yes” campaign’s relentless attempts to restrict freedom of speech. But eventually, regardless of where we stand on redefining marriage, one thing is certain: the legalisation of same-sex marriage will result in the effective removal of everyone’s fundamental freedoms.

Is this what we want for Australia? 

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