Totalitarianism and the Hypocrisy of the Homosexual Agenda

Marriage-Alliance-Hypocrisy-Homosexual-Agenda.jpgThe LGBTI agenda and its activists are no longer trying to maintain their façade of ‘logical’ or ‘advanced’ thought. They have officially thrown themselves into the arms of the Left’s agenda, relying on the PC culture to act as their shield. 

This tacit admittance to their own absurdity, and their dependence on equally absurd ordinations to preserve their cause, is frustrating, to say the least. It serves as proof that the homosexual agenda is built on hypocrisy, the greatest of these being their use of the words ‘bigotry’, ‘equality’, and ‘diversity’. While touting the virtues of diversity and the condemnation of bigotry, the activists see no need to abide by the same laws as others. Cory Bernardi details this mentality

Whilst demanding others conform to their agenda, they have regularly employed the tactics of totalitarianism whilst claiming to be the victims.

For years, those who support the view that marriage is between a man and a woman have been subject to abuse and slurs from the alphabet mafia. Anyone voicing their support for the status quo is derided as being a dinosaur, a homophobe or an intolerant bigot.

Strangely, the hypocrites define nastiness as saying anything that they disagree with. I acknowledge that there are, unfortunately, some people on the pro-traditional marriage side that spout vitriol but the homosexual marriage advocates often seem blind to the viciousness from their side. 

Many people can see through this absurdity, but LGBTI activists view it as a success. There are still publicly-funded tribunals which threaten to financially punish and “re-educate” ‘bigots’ who won’t accept homosexuality as marriage. There are still pro-marriage events cancelled because of ‘concerns’ about the safety of LGBTI minorities. Cory Bernardi highlights the pro-marriage speaking engagement in Sydney that was cancelled due to ”concerns about the safety of the staff’. To make matters worse, PC culture warriors regard such actions as a legitimate affirmation of human rights.

In the end, how will this hypocrisy affect our nation? If freedom of speech is for minorities only, then it ceases to be freedom of speech. If political benevolence in a democracy is only granted to minorities, then it ceases to be a democracy. If the majority is silenced by a tiny minority, democracy becomes dictatorship. The people of Australia need to stand together to protect traditional marriage. If traditional marriage is overruled, our freedoms will be overruled as well. 

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