Trans female receives backlash from LGBT lobby for de-transitioning

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-LGBT-Intolerance.jpgApparently, choosing your gender is only acceptable if your choice fits with the prevailing narrative of LGBT activists. If it doesn’t, you can expect attempts to be made to silence you.

After living as a woman for over a decade, Walt Heyer de-transitioned, sharing the story of how he came to terms with his biological gender. And the trans lobby is not pleased.

Walt Heyer has not only written books on his experience, but also runs a website called where he counsels fellow transgender individuals who desire to revert to their original gender. According to The Federalist:

Interest in Walt’s website has exploded over the past couple of years, especially after murmurs of regret started getting a bit of coverage in the news. Walt’s website receives about 25,000 visits in any given month, and at least a thousand transgender people have personally sought him out to talk to him about their regrets.

In a similar fashion to how those who choose to identify as heterosexual after once identifying as gay are ostracised from the LGBT community, de-transitioners often face a lonely journey. In light of this, you would think that a support network for de-transitioners would be welcomed.

However, the LGBT community views Heyer’s undertaking as a betrayal of their cause. In retaliation, they have made him an example for other de-transitioning individuals by publicly defaming him and proclaiming that he “was never really transgender”.  Stella Morabito makes the point:

[It] seems clear Walt’s crime was to become cognizant of his condition, then to talk to others about it, and to offer them a safe space to talk as well.

In fact, the transgender community has taken special measures to silence Mr Heyer’s message, even applying pressure so that an interview he had lined up with CNN was cancelled:

But seeing star anchor Carol Costello of CNN give Walt a chance to express his opinions was too much for the transgender lobby, which continues to work overtime to de-platform Walt and anybody in his position. Media Matters made a big stink about that CNN interview. The transgender lobby seems to have since instituted a zero-tolerance policy on any mainstream media figure who might give a regretter the time of day.

Walt was on his way to the CNN studio to be interviewed by Don Lemon, Walt says, only to get a call from the producer canceling it. Journalist Katie Herzog was taken aback by the venom she received for writing an article in “The Stranger” about regretters, especially because she went to great lengths to be balanced. She reported: “I wrote this article because I believe the detransitioners who spoke with me deserve to be heard. They are human, and their stories are valid and real.” According to Walt, Herzog told him, “You’re not the monster they’ve made you out to be.”

But why does the lobby care so much? If they really believe gender is a fluid concept, and advocate for the right for a person to choose their own gender, should they not support – or even celebrate – the choice made by Walt and others? 

Is there a broader agenda at play?

Like it or not, transgenderism is serving as a vehicle for social engineering and the centralization of state power. There’s just no other way to explain why it’s such a sacred cow in the service of shutting down free speech. This is the only way to explain why power elites who promote transgenderism along with the consolidation of state power as a tool for “social justice” would feel so threatened by any conversation about de-transitioning.

People like Walt Heyer are a massive threat to their system. Not only does he exist as a contradiction of their agenda, but his speech, thoughts, and behaviour are beyond their range of their politically correct censorship.

However, the trans lobby and elites are determined not to let it be that way for long. With same-sex marriage now legalised in Australia, they are demanding far more than they originally bargained for: the retraction of our fundamental rights. They don’t want our voices to be heard.

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