Transgender Man Sues Catholic Hospital for Hysterectomy Refusal

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Transgender-Man-Sues-CatholicHospital-Hysterectomy-Refusal.jpgIn another attack on religious freedoms by LGBTI activists, a transgender man is suing a Catholic hospital after it declined to perform a hysterectomy on him, a procedure which would further his transition from female to male.

In early 2015, St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in New Jersey, USA received a call from Jionni Conforti, scheduling an appointment with them. Little did they know that this seemingly routine event would result in major fallout. 

According to TIME:

A transgender man is suing a Catholic hospital in New Jersey after he says it refused to allow his hysterectomy on religious grounds. 

Jionni Conforti...  found a surgeon and scheduled the procedure at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson in 2015. He didn't expect any problems —until a hospital administrator told him they could not allow his surgery because it was a “Catholic hospital,” he alleges in the federal lawsuit. 

In attempts to compile harmful evidence, Conforti quotes the ‘patient’s bill of rights’, a pamphlet which St. Joseph’s Hospital distributes. Under the legal rights section, as Jionni points out, it states the right: ‘To treatment and medical services without discrimination based on race, age, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preferences, gender identity or expression, marital, domestic partnership, or civil union status, handicap, diagnosis, ability to pay, or source of payment.’

Mr Conforti is suing the hospital despite finding another hospital which was willing and able to perform his hysterectomy, citing psychological damage as one of St. Joseph’s misdemeanours.

…he [Conforti] said he felt betrayed and became depressed after St. Joseph’s denied his surgery.

As if that isn’t enough, Jionni Conforti has now set himself up as a champion of the LGBTI agenda. Not only has he sued the hospital for financial damages, but he is also demanding that St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital reject its Catholic ethos and be forced to perform surgery for transgender patients, despite its religious objections. 

“My goal is to make a change for the up and coming trans people so they never have to go through this,” he said.

For those of us in Australia, who are being spoon-fed the line ‘that LGBTI laws will only effect LGBTI communities’, such events should give us pause. It is cases such as these that offer clear proof that the LGBTI community is a far cry from the virtue of ‘tolerance’ which they espouse. Their overreaching agenda has now begun to directly affect those who do not openly embrace their principles. Is this what we want for our country? 

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