Treasurer Scott Morrison takes a stand for fundamental freedoms

Marriage-Alliance-Australia-Fundeamental-Freedoms-Morrison.jpgIn light of the recent postal vote, many Australians are concerned that fundamental freedoms such as freedom of conscience or freedom of speech will be adversely impacted.

In response, Treasurer Scott Morrison brought the issue before Parliament, calling for a bill which would effectively protect parental rights and freedom of conscience. The provisions of the legislation would allow parents to remove their children from sex education programs such as “Safe Schools” or “Respectful Relationships” and safeguard the right of religious organisations to retain their traditional values. 

In his address to Parliament, Mr Morrison outlined his reasoning, strongly defending “No” voters. He readily agreed that there are obvious consequences to legalising same-sex marriage, and that these consequences were rational grounds for the “No” vote:

“There are over four million people who voted No in this survey who are now coming to terms with the fact that, on this issue, they are a minority,” he said.

“We now need a bill that acts for 100 per cent of Australians, not 61 per cent. We now need a bill that addresses … these other very fundamental issues of faith and belief.

“I want those Australians [who voted No] to know that there are people in the Australian parliament who understand how they would be feeling and why they would be feeling that way.

“They’re not feeling that way because they harbour any ill will to people who voted Yes or any ill will to people of same-sex [relationships].

“They will be wondering what does this mean for my faith and my religion and my beliefs and what are the threats that have come as a result of this.”

The Treasurer also maintains that these safeguards should be implemented as soon as possible, and is pushing for the bill to be legislated by the end of this year.

“I don’t think it should be delayed …we should seek to maximise those protections now.

…whether someone is a member of an organisation that has a traditional view on marriage should be irrelevant to whether they can sit on a board, work as a doctor, work in the public sector.”

With our basic rights on the line, it is critical that politicians speak up for “NO” voters. Join us in encouraging other politicians to do likewise and put aside their personal agendas to protect the Australian people. Send an email to your local MPs asking them to PROTECT YOUR FREEDOMS!

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