Join the campaign for marriage

By Sophie York, Spokeswoman for Marriage Alliance: Over the last few months, Marriage Alliance supporters have sent hundreds of thousands of emails to politicians calling on them to let the Australian people have their say on marriage. Continue reading

AMA on same-sex marriage: a body of lies

Once upon a time, doctors were champions of science, using their knowledge to promulgate the scientific truths about health, biology, and humanity. But that time has passed.  Continue reading

John Anderson on why same-sex marriage affects everyone

Do you ever reminisce about times when politicians were servants of the people, and not the servants of identity politics? Continue reading

Silencing Free Speech: The Crippling Harness of Political Correctness

Nothing beneficial ever comes from silencing free speech. During the rise of political correctness across our society, few places have been as oppressive in enforcing this ‘doctrine’ as our educational institutions.  Continue reading

ABC warned: Be impartial on marriage coverage

The ABC has reminded its staff to be impartial on coverage of the marriage plebiscite.  The Australian reported today that ABC News Editorial Policy Manager Mark Maley emailed the warning to staff after Senator Zed Seselja said the ABC had contravened its charter and been unfair in its coverage on the issue. Continue reading

Don’t Teach LGBTI Issues? You’ll Be Shut Down.

An orthodox Jewish school in the UK has failed two education authority inspections, and now faces closure for failing to teach girls between the ages of 3 and 11 years about sexual orientation and gender re-assignment.  In a post- same-sex marriage world, gender reassignment and sexual orientation studies are now considered necessary for children to be raised with “fundamental British values”.  Continue reading

Farewell Football: AFL Now Plays a Political Game

“On a recent Saturday night in Melbourne, not a half-hour after Mr. Gilbert arrived in his rainbow beanie, a young family filed into an elevator at Etihad Stadium. Inside, wedged between his mother and older brother, a boy no older than 5 wore a pride beanie from last year’s game.  Continue reading

One Mum’s Safe Schools Concerns Go Viral

The silent majority has finally rediscovered its voice on the topic of Safe Schools, through a Victorian mother of four. In the week since the young mum posted a video of her concerns on Facebook, there has been an incredible outburst from parents flooding the internet with posts and videos denouncing the program.   Continue reading

It’s impossible to evade the threat of the LGBTI lobby

“Live and let live” seems to be a “buzz” phrase among same-sex marriage activists. Yet, when they are given the chance to prove their commitment to “tolerance”, we see activists choose instead to bully those with whom they disagree. A recent incident involving a family-owned bridal shop sadly, does not disprove these stereotypes.   Continue reading

Bill Shorten now backs a plebiscite?

By Sophie York: Did you hear the news over the weekend that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has now expressed his support for a plebiscite? Continue reading