‘No’ Campaign Supporters Defy Stereotypes

Mainstream media has characterised the ‘NO’ campaign as a movement of “conservative bigots” who oppose legalising same-sex marriage solely on religious grounds (even though freedom of speech, expression, and parental rights have been repeatedly cited as grounds to oppose redefining marriage).  Continue reading

Marriage Equality: A Clever Cover for Graver Issues

Far from being an LGBTIQ advocacy group, the marriage equality campaign is a Trojan horse for an underlying, radical regime. In a movement that seeks to give totalitarian power to a select few, “equality” is an ironic misnomer.   Continue reading

Without protections, a ‘yes’ vote will legalise discrimination

If redefining marriage had no consequences, we would see this exemplified in countries that have already legalised same-sex marriage. Sadly, this is not what reality delivers.  Continue reading

A ‘Yes’ Vote won’t resolve Same-sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage supporters are under the impression that if marriage is legally redefined, the issue will be resolved and done entirely. Nice thought, but sadly, not the case. Continue reading

Even before the postal vote, PC is going crackers

While the same-sex marriage debate divides the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns, there are some matters on which both parties agree. One such matter: political correctness deeming non-related same-sex marriage messages as too “political”. Continue reading

Religious and Non-religious alike have something to lose from Same-sex marriage

Changing the definition of marriage has consequences for all Australians, whether or not they are people of faith. Continue reading

Is Fathers’ Day too political for TV?

Same-sex marriage affects everyone! For the past 15 years, not-for-profit organisation Dads4Kids has created community service announcements to promote the important role of fathers in our society. These 30 or 60 second videos have been played on Australian television annually as part of our Fathers’ Day celebrations. Continue reading

You won't believe the reaction to our first ad

By Damian Wyld, Marriage Alliance CEO: The last few days have caused some big ripples in the marriage debate. First, Channel 10 was busted manufacturing fake news – photoshopping an anti-gay poster onto stock photos sourced from the internet. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, right? Continue reading

What Are We Saying ‘Yes’ To?

The plebiscite may be out, but the postal vote is in the works. Now, same-sex marriage advocates are coming out of the woodwork, aggressively rallying people to their cause.  Continue reading

Damian Wyld Chats with ABC Regarding the ‘NO’ Campaign

While the ‘Yes’ campaign tries vilify its opponents, the ‘No’ campaign is the side actually considering the full picture of what legalising same-sex marriage does to a society. Continue reading