No Respite from Safe Schools

No one, not even Safe School activists, can deny that the insidious program is a campaign for LGBTI indoctrination. Even with significant progress made in scrapping the program, Safe Schools continues to threaten our children.  In South Australia, the Safe Schools program will be continued, after its curriculum undergoes “revisions” to give it a “refresh”. It is a loaded announcement, which implicitly confirms that the SA Government both recognises that the program is fundamentally flawed, but still refuses to scrap the indoctrination campaign. Continue reading

Act now: Safe Schools on the move

Australia By: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokesperson – As we continue to protect the definition of marriage, it is important that we remain vigilant and stay tuned into what is happening right now across. The threat to our children regarding gender and identity remains. In South Australia, the insidious Safe Schools program will be “refreshed,” renamed and repackaged by the state government, akin to the Victoria Government bringing things in-house.   Continue reading

Emma Watson Receives First ‘Gender Neutral’ Best Acting Award

After identity politics stole the spotlight at the 2017 Oscars and the ARIA Awards, it became clear that the LGBTI agenda had infiltrated the realms of Hollywood and celebrity culture to the core. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the recent MTV Movie & TV Awards followed suite.  Continue reading

Number of Gender Referrals Skyrockets in the UK

The consequences of same-sex marriage and its accompanying radical ideologies continue to plague the United Kingdom: the number of children referred for gender treatments has skyrocketed in recent years, according to a specialist UK gender clinic.  Continue reading

Surrogacy: A Fundamental Human Right?

In the debate over same-sex marriage, there are many consequences and effects that have to be considered. Often times, one is completely overlooked: surrogacy. What is surrogacy exactly? What are the reasons for bringing a child into the world? A bizarre case has recently brought these questions to the forefront of the discussion, as Michael Cook explored in his article at Mercatornet: Continue reading

Once Wasn’t enough for the LGBTI Lobby: Bakery Targeted Again

“Live and let live” apparently is impossible for the LGBTI lobby: a bakery in Ireland was fined for refusing to create a cake endorsing same-sex marriage has again come under fire, thanks to same-sex marriage activists targeting them for demise once more. Continue reading

Budget Shows Plebiscite Still On the Cards

Despite the LGBTI lobby’s declarations that the issue is “non-debatable,” this year’s Federal Budget shows signs of hope for those who support a people’s vote on same-sex marriage.  Continue reading

Safe Schools: Only Getting Worse

Safe Schools has become such a threat to the safety of children that Australians are no longer the only citizens who are concerned. Even the US is starting to take notice. An article on Heatstreet vigorously condemns the program, and more specifically, the new policy which gives such institutions the power to help a child transition to the opposite gender without the knowledge of their parents or legal guardians. Continue reading

Radical Sex Education Textbook in China Sparks Outrage

In China, a radical sex education textbook aimed at primary school students has sparked outrage from parents about its “pornographic” content. The textbook contains depictions of homosexuality, sexual fantasies, and graphic cartoon images of sexual acts.  Continue reading

Take Action: Get Rid of Safe Schools altogether!

By: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokeswoman Last week I was thrilled to share the news that the Safe Schools program is to be scrapped in NSW and Tasmania, and thousands of you signed our thank you notes to the education ministers of those states who showed true leadership on this issue. Continue reading