Reality Stars: ‘Disagreement Is Not the Same Thing as Hate’

The LGBTI agenda has travelled far from their original roots. Their campaign, originally focused on legalising same-sex marriage, has descended into a vitriolic attack on the institution of marriage and those who are living it well. Consequently, this even extends to those who have never voiced their view on the redefinition of marriage, but who – by their lives –become targets of smear campaigns. Continue reading

“All families are different”: Judge rules gay couple who never lived together is a “family”

A Family Court judge has sought to sweepingly redefine the concept of “family,” ruling that a gay couple who never lived together were still in a de facto relationship, commenting that “all families are different.” Continue reading

UK Government Advisor: Religious Schools Against Same-sex Marriage Are Extremist

The UK Government’s top advisor on community integration, likened religious schools opposing same-sex marriage to religious extremists during a parliamentary hearing. Dame Louise Casey, commissioned by the UK Parliament to report on segregation and social cohesion, has lashed out at religious schools with “homophobic” and “anti-gay marriage” beliefs, saying it is “not ok” for them to teach according their conscience if their faith prevents them from endorsing same-sex marriage. Continue reading

Scottish Government Under Pressure to Enforce Sex and “LGBTI-issues” Education

Pressure is building in Scotland for the government to introduce compulsory sex education in all schools, including faith schools. These schools – predominantly Catholic – may soon be unable to teach sex and relationships education in a way that adheres to their religious beliefs.  Continue reading

Another One Jumps on the Gender-Neutral Bandwagon

“Let’s change the game …Because playing, like driving, should not be influenced by gender stereotyping.” So says the caption on Audi Spain’s ad which was launched just last month.   Continue reading

UK Bill: Traditional Values on Par with Terrorism

A UK terrorism expert has warned that proposed counter-extremism laws could work to silence people who support traditional belief systems – including traditional definitions of marriage and family. Continue reading

15 is the Age of “Maturity”?

A 15-year-old girl was allowed to undergo surgery to remove her breasts after the Family Court decided she was “mature” enough to have the invasive operation. Irrespective of the court’s ruling, can a child really be informed enough to make this kind of radical decision? Continue reading

Back to Basics: The Case Against Same-sex Marriage

No matter how well-versed we may be in the arguments against same-sex marriage, it always helps to go back to the basics of the “no” case.  As columnist John Skinner notes, few arguments against same-sex marriage are heard in the mainstream news, while pro-same-sex marriage arguments are constantly being pushed and promoted:  Continue reading

Compulsory Policy: Students “Transition” without Parental Consent

South Australia is in for a rough ride: a new school policy has been introduced which enables transgender and intersex students to choose what bathrooms, uniforms, and even sleeping quarters they prefer based on with whatever “gender” they identify as their own. On the surface, this may sound similar to other known policies, but a closer look reveals far more drastic implications.  Continue reading

LGBTI Community Casts Out One of Its Own

Recently, we wrote about transgender athlete Catherine McGregor, a senior army official who underwent a gender transition after years of life as a man.  McGregor, who entered women’s first-grade cricket this year, has spoken out about the bullying she faced throughout 2016. However, contrary to cultural stereotypes, the bullying did not come from ‘hateful anti-gay bigots’ – it came from the LGBTI community. Continue reading