How We Can Win the Marriage Plebiscite

For the last two years, and with your generous support, Marriage Alliance has been working to lay the foundations to win a people’s vote on marriage. Continue reading

We hear you! Marriage Alliance supporter stories in the news

With their intimidation and harassment of social conservatives, the rainbow bullies are rapidly squandering the public goodwill built up over years for their cause. That’s why they don’t want a plebiscite. - Miranda Devine Continue reading

IBM: ‘No comment’ on whether employees can be involved with religious groups outside of work

“IBM did not respond to questions about whether staff were free to engage with external organisations, including religious groups, outside of their employment with the company.” “We will not be responding on this,” an IBM spokeswoman said. Continue reading

Will Speaking Up for Marriage Be Against the Law?

Already, there are dramatic consequences for the free speech of those wanting to participate in the marriage debate. Reportedly, Labor is contemplating even further restrictions on the right of Australians to express their views. Continue reading

Forget Free Speech: On UK Campuses, It’s All About Pandering to the Politically Correct

In countries where laws are changed to cater to the politically correct agenda of the day, basic freedoms are trampled. In the UK, the legalisation of same-sex marriage is having direct effects on the freedom of speech of its citizens.  Continue reading

Business Leaders Try to Turn Turnbull Against a People's Vote on SSM

The cultivation of sensibility on purely personal lines may, in fact, be the very worst training for a world where only the corporate and the cooperative will matter. - John Grierson  Continue reading

LGBTI “Rights” Take Precedence Over Women’s Safety

Canada legalised same-sex marriage more than a decade ago, and the consequences of removing the importance of gender from the law continues to be felt by ordinary citizens, including Canada’s most vulnerable. Continue reading

Coopers held “captive” – here is what’s going on

By: Damian Wyld, Marriage Alliance CEO I’m seriously concerned about the direction in which our country is headed. There are few things as Australian as chatting with a mate over a beer. But little things like that – things we have long taken for granted – are now under vicious attack. Continue reading

The latest casualty of the SSM agenda: Aussie mateship

It seems that the great Aussie tradition of solving the problems of the world over a couple of beers with a mate or two, is the latest casualty from the push by same-sex marriage activists forcing compliance with the campaign to redefine marriage. Continue reading

1.5 Million March against gender ideology in Peru

Concerned parents of school students in Peru are refusing to remain silent after a new change established by the Peruvian Ministry of Education would force school children to study radical gender theory.  Continue reading