LGBTI Agenda Advancing the Sexualisation of Children

As the LGBTI lobby continues to attack traditional values on an international level, they have increasingly turned their focus to younger and more vulnerable groups. They spread their agenda through the educational system, interpolating identity politics into youth-focused groups and activities. The ultimate outcome? The hyper-sexualisation of children. Continue reading

Australian Chinese Community Launches Pro-Marriage Group

It is always heartening to see displays of community support for traditional marriage. It is a testimony to the fact that the people of Australia care deeply about the issue of same-sex marriage, and deserve to have a say in the matter. Continue reading

Update: Scotland teachers can’t separate education from LGBTI activism

It is impossible to believe the claim that “same-sex marriage” only affects same-sex couples. In countries where marriage was redefined, same-sex marriage and its accompanying ideologies are being forcefully promulgated, even in areas that should remain neutral.  Continue reading

Even after “transitioning”, transgender students are choosing to stay at single-sex schools

Gender ideologists tell us that in order to make “transgender” individuals feel “welcome and accepted”, entire school communities have to conform to the ideals and ways of the transgender lobby, including mixed gender bathrooms, sporting teams and school camp sleeping arrangements, lessons on gender fluidity, and unisex uniform policies. Yet, real life cases from the UK show that the exact opposite is true.  Continue reading

Two years since marriage was redefined: the reality facing the US

On 26 June, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States passed judgment on the controversial, landmark case Obergefell vs. Hodges. With a 5-4 ruling, the definition of marriage in the US was overhauled, and redefined.  Continue reading

Canada’s SSM Aftermath: Not Just a Nanny State – a Surrogate Parent

Same-sex marriage and gender ideology destroy the family. For proof, take a look at what is happening to Canada: parental rights are no longer upheld – it is now the State who decides what is best for children. Continue reading

Transgender Rules: No More Fairness and Equality in Sports

No area of modern life is not affected by same-sex marriage. Fairness, equality, and even justice is obscured and twisted in conformity to the demands of the same-sex marriage lobby. Typically, it is not the adults who advocated for same-sex marriage who bear the burden - it is the children of that country.  Continue reading

Forget Actual Schooling: UK Schools Get Rated on LGBTI Inclusion

Not too long ago, a mark of a good school was how well their students performed in subjects such as maths, science, English, and the like. Enter same-sex marriage, and radical ideologies become the “new” ideals of education.  Continue reading

A Warning from the US: Caregivers Forced to “Facilitate” Transgenderism

Think legalising same-sex marriage only affects same-sex couples? Try telling that to US citizens who are facing the consequences. In the state of Illinois, social workers and foster families who do not support children’s ‘gender’ decisions could be fired, according to new policies developed by the state’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).  Continue reading

Are the Kids Really Alright?

In all of the chaos caused by the push for the legalisation of same-sex marriage, the same-sex marriage lobby tries to gloss over how growing up in a homosexual household is affecting children. As the first wave of these children reach adulthood, they are drawing attention to the important reality of their situation, which is an inconvenient truth for some. Continue reading