“New” legal union for same-sex couples just reiterates existing rights?

The innocuous sounding term “marriage equality” has nothing to do with making same-sex relationships equal to heterosexual relationships under the law. Continue reading

Is your voice being heard in Canberra?

By: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokeswoman – Some of our politicians never seem to learn. Poll after poll reflects the fact that people want their voice heard on marriage, including one released just last week. The July Essential Report poll confirmed that most voters want a say on same-sex marriage, with 59% of Australians wanting same-sex marriage decided by a national vote, and the Newspoll released last week showed only 39% for the vote to be put in the hands of politicians alone. Continue reading

Can’t deny the facts: Australians WANT a plebiscite on marriage

Silencing free speech and open debate doesn’t sit well with informed citizens. Imagine that. In their arguments to support redefining marriage, the same-sex marriage lobby has insisted that “Australians are all behind redefining marriage”; thus, having a free vote in Parliament to decide the fate of marriage for all Australians is totally fine Continue reading

Transphobia, or True Discussion?

It starts out as changing a “simple” definition; but once marriage is redefined as a genderless institution, sex and gender issues do not dissipate – they become far more prevalent.   Continue reading

Scotland’s Bullying Target: Children with Traditional Values

Practicing what you preach is clearly not what the ‘tolerance brigade’ believes. While pushing programs (like Safe Schools) that further the ‘inclusion of allegedly bullied LGBTI children’, the LGBTI community refuses to afford other worldviews similar treatment. In Scotland, this phenomenon has become especially prevalent through the inception of the TIE (The Time for inclusive Education) program. Continue reading

Parents: don’t jump to “gender” conclusions for your children

Children have a natural curiosity about everything, including themselves. Sadly, due to the promulgated beliefs of the LGBTI lobby, well-meaning parents have interpreted normal childhood behaviours as manifestations of transgenderism.  Continue reading

Gender Insanity: Canada issues first gender-neutral birth certificate

Choosing gender is never a “human rights” issue – it is simply a matter of “preferences” for individuals. In contrast, denying a child his or her gender is a human rights issue. Continue reading

Bullied by his own community: LGBTI activist speaks out

You can tell a lot about a group by the way they treat their own members. It is no secret that the LGBTI lobby is unforgiving and relentless when it comes to bullying and harassing those who stray from their ideological regime, even if they are members of their own community.  Continue reading

Beware the Global Force Behind Same-sex Marriage

The push for “marriage equality” is hardly a movement by the masses – it is a select few manipulating many. This is how it is in Australia – and this is how it is all over the world.  Continue reading

"We're going to punish the wicked."

By: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokesperson – "We're going to punish the wicked." ----- These are the words of Tim Gill, recently published in Rolling Stone. Very few people know about Tim Gill, but he became a powerful force behind America’s LGBTQ movement when he ploughed $422 million of his personal fortune – more than any other person in the United States – into the cause.  Continue reading