Parents Respond to National School Results: Enough!

A recent national comparison report revealed that Australia’s students are falling behind in math and science, and the online world is reacting: Continue reading

Politics Needs to Adjust to Reality

Even when laws are passed which address past wrongs, it can be hard for those who advocate for a particular group to appreciate and accept a victory for rights unless and until the culture is changed in a way they expect would come with legal changes. Activists can look to lawmakers to put in place changes which they are really seeking from society as a whole. Continue reading

Sophie York: Canada Ruling is an Attack on Parental Rights

Here at Marriage Alliance, we have been vocal about the impact that marriage has on multiple areas of Australian society – and across the world. This week our spokeswoman Sophie York brought to light the latest societal consequences of redefining marriage in Canada, a country that legalised same-sex marriage more than a decade ago: Continue reading

Canada: Redefining Marriage Wasn’t Enough

Canada redefined marriage in 2005, but it has not stopped there. Last week, the ‘All Families Are Equal Act’, redefined parenthood and family as well.  Continue reading

The ARIA Awards and Why We Need a Plebiscite

The ARIA awards this year, well attended by big names in the entertainment industry, had a common thread above and beyond that of music. Throughout the course of the event various celebrities used their time in the spotlight to voice their opinions about same-sex marriage. The ability to have a platform from which to express an opinion about marriage is a privilege which was denied to the majority of Australians when the plebiscite was voted down. According to Chris Kenny of The Australian:  Continue reading

Transgender Athletes and the Future of Women’s Sport

Australia’s most prominent transgender woman, Catherine McGregor, made her first grade women’s cricket debut, prompting questions about the future of women’s sports. Formerly Malcolm McGregor, she underwent a gender transition in 2012 while serving in the military. Continue reading

Primary School Torn Apart by Extreme Gender Theory

A high-performing charter school, Nova Classical Academy in Minnesota has been changed forever. Parents are considered by the school to be “the primary educators of their children” as stated on its website, but have been “ridiculed, mocked, and accused of hatefulness and ignorance” for questioning new policies forcing gender inclusion on their students.   Continue reading

Safe Schools Founder Shows “Tolerance” for Bullying

The founder of the controversial Safe Schools program is facing pressure to step down after harassing a bystander at a protest in Melbourne. Roz Ward was photographed this month at an anti-Trump rally in Melbourne as she tried to pull off a Trump-supporter’s hat. In an act of blatant hypocrisy, the anti-bullying campaigner has shown her “tolerance” for bullying.  Continue reading

Update: British Adoption Case to be Reviewed

Following public outcry, a British couple who were blocked from adopting their foster children due to their Christian views on marriage, will now have their case re-examined.  As featured last week, the couple’s request to adopt their foster children was rejected because of their religious beliefs. Rather than accepting the discriminatory decision, the couple stood up for their rights, capturing the attention of the public. Continue reading

Safe Schools Opt-in Choice: Not the Solution

One of the key controversies around Safe Schools is whether parents should be able to opt-in to the program, rather than have their children being signed up automatically, not only without parental consent, but also without parental knowledge. A NSW parliamentary committee released a report two weeks ago stating that parents should be allowed to opt-in to this controversial program.  Continue reading