City Ordinance Strips Artists of Right to Freedom of Opinion

Same-sex marriage advocates will tell you that nothing will happen if the definition of marriage is redefined. Since same-sex marriage was legalised in the US, many people – especially artists, bakers and marriage celebrants – have experienced the opposite. The situation of two artists at the “Brush and Nib Studio” in Phoenix, Arizona illustrates some of the restrictions that could follow the legalisation of same-sex marriage.  Continue reading

Children of Same-Sex Parents Speak Out

Children of same-sex couples are starting to speak out, and not in favour of their ‘parents’. One specific woman is presently making headlines as she exposes the negative effects of growing up without a father. Continue reading

Anti-Discrimination Act Gags Freedom of Speech

The same-sex marriage debate affects many critical areas of our society, including one on which civilised societies are based: free speech. When Julian Porteous – the Catholic archbishop of Tasmania – published a document last year on the topic of marriage, the media backlash was incredible. What is more, he was also cited by the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner for possibly breaching the Anti-Discrimination Act.  Continue reading

Shorten’s Mental Health Card: A Low Blow to the LGBTI Community

When Bill Shorten announced that he had the required support from the Labor caucus to kill the marriage plebiscite, he effectively announced that he was dealing the ultimate blow to same-sex marriage supporters. Miranda Devine unabashedly calls out Shorten on the many ways he has used the LGBTI community, for political purposes.  Continue reading

LGBTI threats show “poison” in public life

The recent threats against Mercure Hotel staff by LGBTI campaigners show the “poison” in public life, says journalist David Crowe.  Staff at the Mercure Hotel were threatened by same-sex marriage advocates via social media and phone calls, all because the hotel had taken a conference room booking from a collection of pro-traditional marriage groups, including Marriage Alliance. Boycotts are the order of the day, and they can be “easily extended to anyone connected to the target on the grounds that they are somehow helping your opponent”. Continue reading

Shorten’s Use of Children as Political Props is Shameful

Bill Shorten and the Labor party have egregiously denied the Australian people their right to decide the matter of same-sex marriage. It really is impressive: in one move, Shorten has dismissed the Australian people, insulted the LGBTI community, and used children as political props. Continue reading

Parent: Gender Lesson “Borders on Pornographic”

Children are being forced to analyse fictional sexual situations in class, says a parent in NSW’s northern beaches. A pupil at Northern Beaches Secondary College felt “violated” after being asked to categorise the sexual behaviours of fictional middle-aged characters in imagined scenarios. Continue reading

Politics Trumps People in Plebiscite Failure – Australians Denied a Say on Marriage

The people of Australia have been sent a very clear message by the Parliament this week – they cannot be trusted to have a debate and they cannot be trusted to have their say. Continue reading

Norway’s New Policy is a Danger Sign

Norway just passed a new law allowing children six years of age and up to self-identify as whatever sexual orientation they please. In an article by The Associated Press, facts about this new law are detailed: Continue reading

The Left’s Gender Views Contradict Reason

Not content with pushing their agenda of same-sex marriage, the political Left has now passed a bill in Victoria which caters to the transgender agenda. This new law states that transgender individuals can select the sex descriptor in their birth registration as male or female. Furthermore, the bill states that they can also register themselves as any other descriptor, with the arbitrary provision that it is not “obscene or offensive”. Continue reading