The US Supreme Court Redefined Marriage: One State Is Fighting Back

Once again, the LGBTI agenda’s crusade for ‘rights’ has superseded the fundamental privilege children should have to their biological identity. It is no coincidence that such cases are becoming more prevalent than ever in countries that have legalised same-sex marriage, such as the United States. Continue reading

Why Is the NSW Government Keeping Safe Schools Participation a Secret from Parents?

Safe Schools’ dangerous agenda has repeatedly been revealed to be more ideological than educational, outraging parents by the sexual content and gender ideology it pushes on children. In NSW, parents are asking the NSW Government to reveal which schools are participating in the controversial program, but the NSW Government insists on keeping the list of NSW Safe Schools secret from parents. Continue reading

Truth Revealed: What Really Happened at the Senate Hearings

After weeks of submissions and public hearings, the Senate inquiry into same-sex marriage finally released its report. The discussion focussed on how redefining marriage might affect civil celebrants, religious ministers and religious institutions, and whether ‘exemptions’ were appropriate. Egregiously, the Committee wasn’t going to consider how redefining marriage impacts the freedoms of all Australian citizens.  Continue reading

Transition Regret: The Untold Ending of the Transgender Story

The drastic measures that are a part of “gender transitions” can have long-lasting effects, many of which are unforeseen by the patients themselves. In an anonymous story in The Guardian, one individual recounts her sobering experience of gender transition. Continue reading

Teen Requests for Gender Transition Are Exponentially Rising

Over the last four years, the number of children applying for Family Court approval to undergo sex-change treatments has risen by an alarming 360 per cent. A more concentrated look reveals that changes in Victoria have been much more dramatic – with the number of children seeking help from its Royal Children’s Hospital rising 4,000 per cent in the 6 years since the introduction of Safe Schools in the state. In NSW, one lawyer – a specialist in gender dysphoria – has a witnessed a 300 percent increase in the number of such cases. Continue reading

Volunteer Magistrate Punished for Being Honest About Her Beliefs

The consequences of redefining marriage in the United Kingdom continue to be felt by ordinary citizens, with a volunteer magistrate of 16 years being stood down for not wanting to adjudicate a case involving custody arrangements for same-sex parents. Continue reading

Latest PC Law: Don’t Say ‘Expectant Mother,’ It’s Offensive

In another instalment of political correctness gone mad, the British Medical Association (BMA) has released advice on common terms that can no longer used, for fear of “offending” people. Among the ridiculous guidelines, is a real doozy: pregnant women should no longer be called “expectant mothers”. The reason? The term “expectant mothers” might “offend” transgender people.  Continue reading

Malcolm Turnbull Reaffirms Plebiscite Policy

Last year, the Senate blocked a peoples’ vote on the issue of same-sex marriage from being held. Had they let us have our say, we would be off to the polls.   Imagine that: the question of redefining marriage could have been resolved this weekend – 11 February ­– if the politicians had kept their promise to the people.  Continue reading

Four Surrogate Children to Call 71-Year-Old Man, “Dad”

As same-sex marriage becomes ever more prevalent, once of its accompanying consequences is the conundrum of commercial surrogacy. Recently, a surrogacy arrangement has come to light, which leads one to question the ethical nature of such practices. Continue reading

Identity Politics: The Silent Majority Say “No”

The scourge of identity politics has long been the cunning behind many successful political campaigns. Using emotional momentum, these tactics cultivate a culture of victimhood, creating laws, rules and processes to allow people who have been “offended” to pursue and punish those with whom they disagree. Continue reading