A Victory for Children in NSW and Tasmania as Safe Schools is Scrapped!

By: Sophie York, Marriage Alliance Spokesperson - Did you hear the news? NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes confirmed that the Safe Schools program will be scrapped in New South Wales, and Tasmanian Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff said the government did not intend to fund the Safe Schools program, preferring instead to invest its own anti-bullying initiatives! Continue reading

Corporate Push for Same-Sex Marriage is Misguided – Here’s Why

Corporate Australia has been throwing its weight behind same-sex marriage, pressuring politicians, customers and even their own employees to support the cause. Freedoms at work are under attack and even the charities and organisations that employees support in their personal time are under scrutiny. Continue reading

Change in Passports: Political Correctness Over National Security?

The politically-correct demands of the LGBT lobby have ranged from sheer lunacy to downright tyranny. Now, the claws of the transgender lobby are trying to tear down protocols for national security – all to appease the preferences of transgender agenda. Continue reading

Guidance for Scottish Teachers: Kids Can Be “Gender Fluid”

The LGBTI lobby continues its crusade to erode any biologically based understanding of gender. A transgender guidance document for Scottish teachers has said that schools should stop distinguishing between “male” and “female”. Continue reading

VIC Schools Admit No Evidence of ‘Homophobic Bullying’

After the Victorian government committed over $2 million to the Safe Schools program, education officials have now admitted they do not have data to back it. Continue reading

Psychiatrist: Many Children “Try Out” Transgenderism to Be “Different”

A Queensland child psychiatrist who runs a gender clinic has said many children “try out” transgenderism as a way to be “different”, and that most will grow out of it.  Dr Stephen Stathis, whose gender clinic runs out of Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, said that only a minority of the children seen by the clinic would be diagnosed with gender dysphoria.  Continue reading

CEO Damian Wyld on ‘Acceptance Rings’, Peer Pressure & Intimidation

Following the announcement that companies would provide ‘acceptance rings’ to all employees, Marriage Alliance’s CEO Damian Wyld spoke to 2CH’s Kel Richards about what this means for the freedom of employees in the workplace. ---- Continue reading

US LGBTQ Study Reveals a Millennial “Identity Revolution”

A new study released by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) shows that there is a stark increase in the percentage of millennials in the U.S. identifying as LGBTQ as opposed to preceding generations.  Continue reading

Transgender Theory Featured in Pre-teens School Newspaper

Education is the battleground in the new gender war. Students, especially in public schools, are being exposed to a dizzying array of theories of sexuality and gender. The push for same-sex marriage is just one part of the fight, and we need to be vigilant about the content to which our children are exposed.  Continue reading

We Will Not ‘All Belong’

Disregarding the pleas of those in the silent majority and their place in the political realm, influential corporations such as Qantas, ANZ, Google and eBay, have aggressively taken up the crusade for same-sex marriage. Partnering with Airbnb’s “Until We All Belong” campaign, the corporate alliance has ordered approximately 250,000 “acceptance” rings. Continue reading