Israel Folau’s biggest opponents aren’t on the rugby field

Rugby player Israel Folau has earned a lot of bad press for his recent comment about gay people going to hell. While the comment could have been better phrased, the extreme backlash has been a definite spectacle. Continue reading

Mum interrogated by police for tweeting that kids shouldn’t be given trans surgery

A woman in the United Kingdom was recently interrogated by the police for an allegedly “transphobic” comment she made on Twitter last year. She was reported to the West Yorkshire police by Susie Green, the CEO of the transgender organisation Mermaids. Continue reading

Service Canada: ‘gender-neutral’ language required and monitored

A federal cabinet minister has released a statement apologising for the directive that went out to Service Canada agents, dictating that they avoid gendered words such as ‘mother’, ‘father’, ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ when addressing the public, and warning them that their compliance with the directive would be monitored. Continue reading

Sydney parents alarmed by radical gender theory at Catholic all-girls school

Over 200 parents are threatening to pull their daughters from Santa Sabina College in Strathfield as new information has come to light regarding its principal, Dr Maree Herrett. According to the Daily Telegraph, the principal is a proponent of radical gender theory, a fact which came to light late February after launching new ‘gender expressive’ school uniforms: Continue reading

Northern Territory government quietly funds Safe Schools

The Northern Territory government has been discreetly funding the Safe Schools program in over 150 public schools… without parents’ knowledge or consent. Continue reading

The Swedish preschool experiment: “gender nonconforming” one- to five-year-olds

A Swedish preschool is being celebrated for encouraging children to not conform to traditional gender roles. The teachers at Seafarer’s Preschool, which is located in a suburb outside Stockholm, are concerned that children absorb too much from popular culture about what boys and girl should be like, and want to change the attitudes of the children in their charge. Continue reading

Tribunal rules: ‘Homosexuality is fixed at birth’

A Commonwealth tribunal is experiencing serious backlash after ruling on a case based on one proposition: that sexual orientation cannot change over the course of time.  Continue reading

“Mother and father” on Australian passport application is now offensive

A same-sex couple is causing a stir after discovering that the official Australian passport application forms for children still list traditional “mum” and “dad” roles. Jessica Boyd and her partner Liz Williams were planning a trip with their 5-month-old daughter, when they were offended by the paperwork. Continue reading

Tasmanian pastors fight for freedom of speech

Pastors Campbell Markham and David Gee are fighting for religious freedom and freedom of speech in Tasmania with a constitutional challenge to Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Act. Markham and Gee initially became involved in the issue when they came under fire for perceived anti–LGBT speech. Continue reading

Read the guide Qantas uses to ban employees from saying “mum and dad”

Qantas includes ridiculous new guidelines in their employee handbook in order to further comply with the LGBT agenda. As an example, employees are advised not to use “mum and dad” or “husband and wife” in fear of offending LGBT couples. Continue reading