This is the real war on women

Women’s rights are being jettisoned in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘exclusivity’. Despite the fact that we celebrated International Women’s Day this month – which is especially poignant due to the #MeToo movement – we are doing nothing to address the rampant harassment of women which is being fostered by the transgender agenda. Continue reading

Parental rights lose out to trans rights

A couple in Ohio just lost custody of their daughter after refusing to allow her to transition to being a boy. After threatening to commit suicide if she was not allowed to transition, the teen was committed to the care of her grandparents. The case is just the first of many to come as trans rights begins to take precedence over parental rights. Continue reading

Call a transgender woman a biological man? It could land you in trouble

A primary school teacher in Perth is facing disciplinary charges after making a comment on an online article about a transgender woman. Continue reading

Australian Defence Force staff to be identified by stance on LGBT issues

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has announced plans to identify all pro-LGBT staff as ‘allies’ in private official documents and public staff directories. The Daily Mail reports that this strategy was proposed so that, ‘those who identify as LGBTI know they can turn to support if issues arise.’ Continue reading

Equality Campaign calls for the end of religious freedom

Now that submissions to the Ruddock religious freedom inquiry have closed, the Equality Campaign is showing their true colors, and is seeking the winding back of existing protections for religious freedom.  Despite assuring Australians over and over again that there would be no consequences of the redefinition of marriage, the Equality Campaign has told the Ruddock review that “the law already goes too far” where it concerns religious freedom. Continue reading

Bermuda becomes first country to repeal same-sex marriage

This month saw a victory for traditional marriage, with Bermuda repealing their law that allowed same sex couples to marry. The law is being replaced with one allowing for civil partnerships only. Continue reading

UK sex ed law targets religious schools

The UK government is enacting a sexual education curriculum which would require all schools to teach about same-sex marriage and transgenderism. Similar to Safe Schools, the program would be enforced in all primary and secondary schools. But even worse than that, the government wants it to be mandatory for private and religious schools as well. Continue reading

New York’s new anti-discrimination law attacks religious freedom

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has signed an executive order mandating that, as of 1 May, the state is forbidden from “entering into contracts with entities that have institutional policies or practices that fail to address the harassment and discrimination of individuals on the basis of their gender identity, transgender status, gender dysphoria or any of the other protected classes...” This order not only encompasses money-making institutions, but also schools who will not embrace ideological gender doctrines. Continue reading

16,675 Victorian parents protest Safe Schools

In spite of the strong ideological bent and almost blind commitment to Safe Schools, thousands of Victorian parents are protesting against the program. Not only are they demanding the right to pull their children from these classes, but they are threatening to support the Victorian opposition unless it is effectively removed. Continue reading

US spends $5 million on child hormone therapy 'study'

With increasing demand for safeguards surrounding gender-dysphoric youth, the United States federal government has launched a new study through the National Institute of Health (NIH). While one would hope that a government-funded study aimed at assessing a potential risk to children’s health would be free from the influence of ideologies, those hopes are not borne out in this particular study. Continue reading