Olympic hopeful cyclists debate transgender women in sports

One of the big controversies that has arisen since transgenderism has become more common is how transgender women should be treated in sports. Due to higher testosterone levels, they likely have an advantage over their biologically female competitors. Two transgender Olympic cyclists recently weighed in on the issue. Continue reading

Gender transitioning: The step-by-step process will shock you

‘Gender confused’ children have been left wide open to the advances of transgender activists as the Family Court of Australia officially surrendered all accountability for their safety on 30 November of last year. Now, the power to initiate a child’s transition is in the hands of individual trans ‘therapy’ clinics throughout the country, many of which are operated by diehard LGBT activists. Continue reading

South Australia replaces Safe Schools with broader anti-bullying program

South Australian secondary schools will be replacing the controversial Safe Schools program with a broader anti-bullying program in reaction to pushback from concerned parents. Continue reading

Spanish LGBT law targets Catholic schools

Catholic schools in the Spanish province of Andalucía have come under attack with the passage of totalitarian anti-discrimination legislation. The law, which seeks the “prevention of LGBT-phobic attitudes, in the social sphere, or that of health, education, recreation and sports, the family, or in other areas” affects all Catholic schools with a government charter. Continue reading

Western Australian same-sex couples could soon have kids via surrogates

A review of current surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology legislation in Western Australia is being conducted, which may result in WA changing their current laws to allow same-sex couples to have children via a surrogate. Continue reading

Leaked: LGBT community behind QLD gender-free licenses

The Courier Mail just exposed a leaked document from Queensland’s Transport and Main Road Department revealing the true reason that height and gender information were removed from the state’s driver’s licenses back in 2016. The record indicates that the change was a direct result of harassment from the LGBT community: Continue reading

Transgender Agenda Endangering Women’s Health

The UK’s National Health Service has released a new ‘guidebook’ stating that transgender women will now be offered breast exams and cervical smear tests, regardless of the fact that they do not possess a cervix. It has been reported that: Continue reading

NT Labor seeks to regulate speech defining gender identity

The Northern Territory Labor government recently announced plans to revise to the Anti-Discrimination Act. The proposition features a definition of sex that removes any reference to a biological basis for a person’s sex, stating instead that making a distinction between male and female is simply a result of ‘tradition’: Continue reading

Mum moves house to avoid gender ideology at local school

Parents are desperate to protect their children from harmful and confusing gender ideologies in their schools.  A young mother cited the difficulties they had in their son’s public school, saying that they moved to the Central Coast in order for him to attend a private school instead: Continue reading

No, the person who provided the sperm is not the mother: German court

The Federal Court of Justice in Berlin, Germany has rejected an appeal by a transgender woman looking to change her parental status from ‘father’ to ‘mother’. Reuters reports: The court said in its ruling on Thursday that although the rights and duties of a transsexual person depended on their new gender, the legal relationship with his or her children remained unchanged. Continue reading